Review of BED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 7

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 7 – 37 Mins

devonDevon makes an epic RETURN to SKW! We fade in on the lovely Devon in her bedroom, decked out in pro attire as she speaks to a masked pro wrestler (SK) that she’s hired to work her over in a fantasy match.  After implying that all wrestling is fake, however, the heel unleashes a volley of forearms that smash into Devon’s face, leaving her out cold on the bed!   What follows is a 35+ minute onslaught, with the hired heel giving Devon EXACTLY what she asked for (all ending in a brutal CONCRETE PILEDRIVER)… without the “fantasy” part of course!

This is easily Devon’s best video ever, as far as I can think, it’s not even close. I’m normally not a very big Devon fan, but in this one she won me over. I don’t know if it’s just because she hasn’t been around in a while or it’s something else, but she seemed more invested in this vid. I’ve seen plenty of vids with Devon where it seems like she was just going through the steps, just to get to the end. But this time this time it seemed like she was actually have fun during the shoot and wasn’t rushing to get through it. Whatever the difference is she delivered a very solid jobber performance in this quite lengthy one-sided beatdown. There are tons of KOs, some overkill attack, limp play, plenty of humiliating pins, even some decent power moves, for being in a bedroom and all Devon’s selling is pretty good, I mean she can’t stick her tongue out much at all, but the rest is very good. I also love the suit and matching boots, looks pretty good on her and a nice ending, just for added brutality. Overall, I was much happier about this clip than I thought I ever would be.

Overall Score: 9.5/10