Review of BED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 4

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 4 – 30 Mins

hannshAfter watching one of their own wrestling matches a mere hour after a win, tag team members Hannah Perez and Sumiko decide to beef up their KO game… as most of their finishers relied way too much on submissions!  The two beautiful fighters decide to practice on each other, leading to an endless barrage of back and forth KOs, double KOs, and more.  An amazing entry in this series… and a pair of beautiful performances from Hannah and Sumiko!

When it comes to Hannah Perez and Sumiko it is extremely hard not to produce something amazing when you have those two staring in your video and that is definitely proven yet again here. In another one of these bedroom battles Hannah and Sumiko take turns knocking out each other. The KOs are plentiful and a little over the top. The selling these ladies provide for us are stellar and the outfits just as amazing as well. I like that Sumiko gets to be in control for almost half the video then it’s Hannah’s turn. There’s also a nice exhausted battle at the end, where Sumiko uses sleepy spray to daze then both. Sumiko comes up with the pin and win just before passing out on Hannah. This one is sexy and fun with some outstanding selling and plenty of KOs that shouldn’t be missed.

Overall score: 9.5/10