Review of BED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 3

Review of Sleeperkid’s World BED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 3 – 30

AnneHannah Perez and Anne-Marie play pro wrestling and KO fans who meet online and decide to have a private match after meeting for the first time.  The girls reveal their outfits to each other, giggling and ecstatic over having found each other for some play time!   Soon enough, the girls get into character and decide to improvise a KO pro match! Here’s the breakdown: After a lock up, Hannah Perez traps Anne against the wall, nailing belly blows galore, a long held sleeper hold KO.  She pins the sleeping Anne and then wakes her up for round two.  The girls smile before the second round starts but they get into character with ease.  They grapple but Anne takes the lead with multiple belly blows and a brutal bearhug that weakens Hannah and eventually puts her OUT!  Anne goes for a matchbook pin for round score.   She “wakes” Hannah up and the next round begins.  The girls decide to make it a Winner Takes All match, with the winner having to score a 20 count pin for the ultimate score. Anne traps Hannah in an armbar but Hannah nails a reverse headbutt, followed by a long series of forearm smashes to the face. She follows up with multiple belly blows, multiple kneeling belly to belly splashes, post KO splashes, and a near victorious pin!   Anne barely kicks out, leading to Hannah trapping her against the wall for more belly blows and some quick body to body splashes. Hannah goes to the other end of the room and tries a full speed wall splash but Anne moves out of the way!  Hannah’s head slams into the wall, giving Anne the time to recuperate. Anne attacks with belly blows that she piles on until the lack of oxygen knocks her out.  Anne over the shoulder carries her opponent to the bed and continues her attack.  She goes for a matchbook pin but Hannah kicks out.  Frustrated, Anne drops a series of legdrops across Hannah’s throat until another KO is achieved. Unsatisfied, Anne goes for some reverse leg drops across the back of Hannah’s neck.  Hannah’s body jolts as she slowly loses consciousness yet again.  Anne presses her advantage, trapping Hannah in a reverse neck scissors that turns into a reverse figure four neckscissors.  She drops belly punches into Hannah’s gut to make sure she’s out.  Using her final burst of energy, Hannah manages to trap Anne in her own neckscissors, and the girls toss and turn on the bed until they both slowly fade out in each other’s grip. Hannah slowly awakens and slowly goes for a full body press pin, but Anne barely lifts her shoulder.  Exhausted, Hannah stands Anne-Marie up and shows her a new “toy” she recently acquired: the SKW belt! She slams it into Anne’s face twice and ends it all with a brutal belt uppercut KO!!!   Just to make sure, however, Hannah lands several post KO belt shots to the skull!   Anne is completely OUT…and offers zero resistance to Hannah’s final belly and face press pin…which blows air out of Anne’s sleeping body until the final count is made! After the match is over Anne and Hannah smile and hug it out, deciding to go and grab some dinner before they come back for yet another battle!

Here is a type of vid we’ve have been seeing a lot more often, Girl vs Girl private sessions. This time we have Hannah and Anne, which you can never go wrong with. We get some nice overkill action here with a mix of overselling and under selling. What I mean is, we get nice eye reactions, a little tongue protrusion and a tiny bit of twitching, but they are also noticeable quieter than normal, trying to sell that they are at Hannah’s house and don’t want the neighbors to hear.  Doesn’t affect me at all, but I know for some people it might. I really enjoyed the action here. I like the willing victim aspect, I love the over kill action, lots of great reactions from that. The long 20 count pin attempts are great, they fail a number of times, but being 20 counts, we still get good long pins before the kick out. It’s a pretty long vid and with the back and forth action we get to see a lot of great selling from both Hannah and Anne. In the end the SKW title comes in to play, which is great because it a great weapon and it gets used on Anne. Also the outfits are fantastic, looking really great on both girls. I’m enjoying these types of vids, I love Anne and Hannah and the great reaction alone are worth checking this one out.

Overall Score: 9/10