Review of Becca’s Knockout Secret V

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Becca’s Knockout Secret V – 21.5 mins

Becca is back with another episode of her Knockout Secret series! As the video opens, Becca is in the ring hanging on the ropes. She’s grinning goofily, her eyes are crossed, and her tongue dangles out. She collapses to the mat and happily informs you that she’ll be knocking herself out again for you to enjoy! This is, without a doubt, Becca’s finest OTT (over-the-top) performance as she spends nearly the entire time with a silly grin, extreme eye-crossing, tongue protrusion as she falls to the floor and into la-la land. Becca demonstrates the following knockouts: self-flips to the mat, self-uppercuts to ko, turnbuckle head smashes, a double arm choke, boxing glove ko, chop sticks temple drill ko, black jack ko, a surprise ko that we don’t want to tell you about, ball bonk ko, frying pan hit ko, syringe of “sleepy fluid” to her butt cheek ko, wok bong ko, tazer ko, magic laser ball ko, another surprise ko that was don’t want to tell you about, an impressive self-inflicted head scissor ko, and a final self-inflicted sleeper hold ko. DON’T MISS THIS SPECTACULAR VIDEO!!!

I always look forward to any video where we get to see Becca doing anything extra silly or OTT, so this is obviously a favorite series for me. I feel it’s important to handle the elephant in the room first and that is the outfit chosen for Becca. I think a good outfit goes a really long way in helping making a good video even better and this outfit is simply, counterproductive. Sure there’s still some good looking shots in the video and there’s no denying that Becca really brought a lot of energy to this performance, but the “home on the couch, binge watching Netflix” style outfit just puts a damper on the whole thing. Other than that, this video was actually flawless, which only makes the outfit choice even worse, in my opinion. They put together a wonderful script with some really funny moments, in fact, one so funny, Rick didn’t reveal it in his description and I’m not going to spoil it here either, it so much better to buy this video, never expect this to happen and then laugh your ass off when it does, like I did. So, as I was saying, a really excellent script and a stunning performance all brought down from instant classic status by a poor choice in attire. I’d honestly like to see the video get a redo with Becca in something sexier because this script and this performance was actually that damn good.

Overall score: 9/10