Review of Becca’s Knockout Secret IV

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Knockout Secret IV – 22 mins

Becca is back to display more of her special knockouts that she loves so much! Whenever there isn’t an opponent around and Becca wants to get knocked out she simply does it herself. In this episode Becca reads off ko techniques from her special fans who have sent her their knockout requests. You get to see her knocked out by head smashes into the turnbuckle, self-inflicted face punches, running head first into a wall, a frying pan to the head, a black jack blow, holding her breath, a tazer, self-inflicted belly punches, a nerve pinch, crossing her eyes, a double temple drill, hitting herself with a huge mallet, a boxing glove punch to the face, a head smash behind the door, trapping her neck in the ring ropes, belly punches while stretched over the workout ball, and a stunner! Becca gets increasingly silly and groggy as the video progresses and we KNOW you’ll love seeing her in this over the top KO video!

There are two series from FWR that I look forward to nowadays more than anything else. One is Peyton Proves Herself, (I have no idea what they’re going to call the next one, but damn I hope there’s more to that series) and the other is, obviously, Becca’s Knockout Secret. There is just never going to be a day when I get tired of seeing Becca KO’d repeatedly and it’s always better for me when it done silly and/or over the top. It doesn’t matter if the KOs come from the crafty hands of Peyton, or an invisible foe or from Becca herself, every time I love it and it’s never going to get old for me. This one shows off again just how amazing FWR is at making silly and sometimes ridiculous situations somehow makes sense and make for great KO situations. Having Becca taking self KO requests is brilliant and even better is adding names and locations of the people sending the requests, (it would have been sweet if somehow yours truly made it on that list) and what’s better yet is having a “Rick from Phoenix” keeping appearing on this KO requests list and it taking a little while for Becca to figure out just who that Rick might be, but just as she’s on to our humble FWR producer’s scheme, he KOs her with boxing glove KO punch. That whole “Rick from Phoenix” part of this vid is awesome and adds unexpected humor to an already silly vid. Not only that makes this video excellent, but of course I love Becca’s outfit, the way she sells it all, the way she gets more and more punch drunk as the vid goes on, with an emphasis on the drunk part, making it harder for her to read the requests, stand up straight and so one, and of course the sheer number of KOs and variety of them. Through all this excellence I do have a tiny complaint and that is I felt the post KO body pans where a bit too brief and didn’t really let us soak in the KO and the position she ended up in, before moving on to the next one. That could be to save some time, but they were short enough for me to notice and to think it was worth pointing out in this review. Other than that, pure brilliance all around. I loved this vid and cannot wait for more silly OTT Becca KO action, no matter how I get it.

Overall Score: 10/10