Review of Becca’s Knockout Secret III

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Knockout Secret III – 25.5 mins

This creative custom script includes three varieties of Becca’s knockout secret, a POV, a self-inflicted series of ko’s, and the popular invisible foe! Here’s the story: Becca calls you (the camera) into the studio to see if you’ll help her out with her knockout fantasy. She’s supposedly challenged the invisible foe to a fight but secretly just wants to get knocked out by him. She’s brought you in to wake her up after each ko. You’re not too sure about that so she takes you into the ring to practice. Becca knocks herself out by running head first into the corner turnbuckle. You wake her up and the fun begins! Becca has you hide so that the invisible foe won’t be scared off but each time you hide you hear the punches and return to find Becca knocked out. But don’t worry that you don’t see the ko’s because Becca demonstrates them to you. When she gets angry about the invisible foe stripping her down to her bikini (off camera) and choking her out with her clothes, Becca call the invisible foe out and they fight it out in front of you. Well, actually, Becca throws wild punches and the invisible foe beats her up. This awesome custom video features tons of birdies, crossed eyes, a very groggy and punch drunk Becca, and some tongue out/twitching finishes. You’ll also enjoy being the one to shake Becca’s arms and legs, check her eyes, and tap her cheek to wake her after each KO! HAVE FUN!!

I don’t even know where to start with this video, Becca’s Knockout Secret is another of my favorite series from FWR and this one is without any shadow of doubt, the best one in the series. There are so many great things to say about this one, I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. Most importantly this series is all about silly KOs and this one is jam packed with silly KOs in so many great ways, even the birdie sound effects gets mixed in there a few times. I love that this involves the mysterious invisible foe, who first sneak attacks Becca whenever you, played by our most humble producer, isn’t looking. Then you’re supposed to wake up Becca and basically let her get attacked again. Which reminds me, Becca is all about this, as she loves getting knocked out, even knocking herself out just to show you how she got knocked out when you missed it. After a bunch of KOs Becca had enough, but the invisible foe isn’t done yet, so Becca tries to fight him. Of course that fails miserably. Becca starts twitching during the KOs her tongue hangs out and she gets harder and harder to wake up as the KOs pile up. Until finally Becca literally can’t stand on her own anymore and she asks to be finished off. Of course the invisible foe is more than happy to finish her off and then leaves. Nice touch on his exit too. You get a little more limp pay in with the sleeping Becca before letting her sleep it off. Long story long, this is not only the best entry into this series, but definitely a top FWR video period. An absolute perfect performance from Becca and Rick and an excellent script from whoever’s responsible. Plain and simple, don’t miss this one.

Overall Score: 10/10