Review of Becca’s Knockout Secret II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Knockout Secret II – 17.5 Mins

beccaDo you remember when Becca admitted her secret passion for being knocked out? (See Becca’s Knockout Secret”) Well, she’s returned to open up a little bit more about her KO desires! She admits there’s one thing that she didn’t mention last time … she REALLY digs the clean scent of her hair shampoo! Yep … in this segment Becca spends a lot of time sniffing her hair as she goes unconscious. It’s her thing! Or, well, it’s what the custom script called for J. Anyway, you’ll really love watching the extremely cute Becca knock herself out over and over again! She describes what it’s like as she sinks into dreamland, many times hearing birdies and cuckoo birds as her eyes slowly cross! You’ll get treated to the following knockout scenes: Shampoo bottle bop on the head, medicine cabinet door to the head, pan on head – hit with spoon, banging her head on the underside of a table, walking into a door, blackjack hit (by you), blow up hammer hit (by you), a DDT in the ring, running into the turnbuckle, boxing glove hits, hide and seek, a spirited game of tag, and finally an accidental bop on the head by her own purse … that contains a brick! You’ll LOVE Becca’s ability to knock herself out in such creative ways and you’ll especially love how cute our little blond is when she’s crossing her eyes and going unconscious!!

This has got to be another one of my favorite series from FWR, even though it’s only two videos deep. I can see myself enjoy many many more videos just like this. I always talk about how great Becca’s selling is and this video just gave her the chance to really show those skills off. A ton of really fun, silly KOs, that Becca narrates herself. Each KO is filled with great eyerolling and crossing, as the knocked silly Becca stumbles around till finally passing out. The hair smelling thing is a minor distraction, but I appreciate the creative backstory, so it okay with me. Another stellar performance by Becca in a vid that is really hard not laugh at and love.
Overall score: 9.9/10