Review of Becca’s Handicap Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Handicap Match – 17 Mins

This creative custom video begins with Becca giving herself a pep talk prior to her upcoming handicap wrestling match. She’s scheduled to fight Peyton and Madison and feels that if she can weaken them early she might have a chance to win. The next scene shows Peyton and Madison behind the curtain prior to the match talking about how easy it will be to destroy Becca. Peyton heads to the ring while Madison takes care of other business and we see Becca attack the unsuspecting brunette! Becca gets Peyton into the ring and weakens her with ankle locks and toe twisting holds. Madison finally shows up and jumps in to assist her partner only to be attacked by Becca and quickly knocked out with a dragon sleeper. But Becca’s domination is short lived as she gets jumped by Peyton then double teamed by the beautiful battlers. There are plenty of interesting and creative ankle locks, leg locks, and toe twisting moves that have Becca screaming for mercy! In the end, Peyton and Madison strip Becca down to her tiny bikini and hogtie her on the ropes. Poor Becca!

This is a pretty entertaining video, again FWR brings us a custom with some more out of the box thinking. I like that Becca gets the edge at first, get some time beating up Peyton and Madison, but like most handicapped matches, the numbers game catches up to Becca and she ends up paying the price. Most of the moves used in this one focus on feet and toes attacks, not my favorite move list, but all the ladies sell really well which makes it enjoyable to watch, also the tag team moves always seem to be creative and painful looking. I really liked all the outfits too, although boots were quickly removes so they can attack the feet and toes. Peyton and Madison leave Becca tied up in the ropes, which is good, but Becca was still barely conscious, which to me is a job undone, close, but not quite. Overall, it was nice to see everyone gets some jobbing in, I do like the uniqueness of this video and Becca loses in the end which is always, ALWAYS a good thing.

Overall Score: 9/10