Review of Becca’s Competition

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Competition – 11 mins

Becca sits on the couch hoping that her opponent will give her some competition when in walks Peyton. Becca laughs and Peyton angrily attacks! For the remainder of this video Peyton DESTROYS Becca! Becca gets smashed into the wall, belly punched, hand smothered and belly clawed, then slung over Peyton’s shoulder for a ride to the ring. Once inside the ring Becca begs Peyton to stop but instead finds herself being pounded with more belly punches, slammed to the mat, crushed in a bear hug, placed in an abdominal stretch, lifted in a reverse romero, squeezed in a reverse head scissors, bent in an over the knee back breaker, and carried around the ring in a fireman’s carry (with head smashes on each turnbuckle). In the end Peyton hoists Becca up into a torture rack and Becca passes out from exhaustion. And for the final humiliation, Peyton twists the knocked out blond into a paradise lock for her victory poses! Don’t miss this one!

You all know I love to see Becca getting totally dominated, so this vid is an easy win for me right away. But Becca does make things a little sweeter when she starts out all cocky and just hoping for someone to give her a challenge. Well, her tune changes real fast when Peyton comes in and just isn’t in the mood for Becca’s nonsense. In no time flat, Becca goes from hoping someone turns out to be a challenge for her, to begging Peyton for mercy. Peyton isn’t in the mercy giving mood, thankfully, and complete dominates Becca in a nice pro style fashion. There’s a KO or two along the way and a great pain KO from a torture rack at the end to wrap things up. This is an excellent squash, great move list and execution by both Becca and Peyton respectively, as we’ve come to expect. And as a little side note, if you love Becca as a jobber but aren’t into all that OTT stuff like I am, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Overall Score: 9.5/10