Review of Becca’s Brutal Belly Beatdown

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Brutal Belly Beatdown – 30 mins

Kat & Peyton are part of a local biker gang. Kat finds out that Becca, who is from a rival gang has been with her man, so she confronts Becca alone. Becca pretends that she didn’t do anything wrong then sucker punches Kat in the stomach! Becca then destroys Kat with tons of belly punches leaving her writhing on the carpet in pain. Becca steals her money then leaves. In the next scene we find Peyton hanging out in the house when Kat arrives clutching her stomach and crying out in pain. She tells her biker girlfriend Peyton what happened so a week later Peyton confronts Becca for some payback and gets her stomach pummeled along the same lines as Kat! And if that’s not enough, Becca tells Peyton she’s also been with her man! Kat, having recovered from her beating, is concerned for Peyton since she’s not sure Peyton could take Becca alone. So she follows Peyton and when Becca is nearly done pounding on her belly Kat sneaks up from behind and kicks Becca below the belt! From there on out it’s a double beat down on Becca from Peyton and Kat. One girls holds the blond while the other girl punches her belly and although Becca is defiant throughout, she can’t handle the destruction that Kat and Peyton throw at her. The two biker girls get meaner and nastier as they start using weapons to pound even harder on poor Becca. A black jack, police baton, folding chair, broom stick, wrench, and dumbbell are all smashed into the increasingly weaker blond until she’s finally left in agony, gasping for air! This custom script calls for the girls to wear tight jeans, bikini tops, high heel boots, and features special wide fashion belts requested by the customer.

This is a pretty big video with a ton of action. The title can be a little bit misleading even though Becca’s belly beating is the main attraction and largest part of the video, she wasn’t the only one to get a thorough beat down. Both Kat and Peyton get a nice section of belly punishment as well and that’s a great plus for this video. Becca’s beating was the high spot though, without question. I’m normally not one for a video that is just about belly punishment and has no KOs, but the beatdown Becca got was nothing short of amazing. Peyton and Kat use everything that isn’t nailed down to punish Becca with and they also put Becca in a number of great positions. Together those feature give this video some nice pacing and keeps the beat down from feeling repetitive. I also really loved these outfits, the boots the jeans, even the belts help give all three ladies a good look. Overall, even though this is just a glorified belly punching video, it done in such a way that I enjoyed the hell out of this one and is even one of my top vids of this update.

Overall score: 9.5/10