Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBECCA vs THE MACHINE – 12 Mins

BeccaYou know the tale:  girl talks smack in a ring, THE MACHINE attacks… girl gets destroyed! This time the unfortunate wrestler is the lovely Becca, who takes the opening attack in the FWR ring.  From beginning to end, poor Becca is taken apart by the evil Machine, until a final set of moves finishes her off for good!

You just can’t go wrong with a Becca squash. She always makes the perfect jobber and this time is no different. We get great selling for Becca, beautiful reactions and great struggling. There’s a great move selection that covers just about everything you would want to see, some dirty tactics, a few submission holds and bunch of piledrivers in the end. This vid is a few years old, so the over the top reactions were not as popular then, so no twitching or drooling, but we do get really good eyerolling. There’s also a color correction issues, where the vid gets really dull colors and that definitely puts a damper on watching Becca do her thing. In the end however, Becca does do her thing and does it extremely well. It’s something a color correction issue won’t keep me from watching again.

Overall score: 9/10