Review of Becca vs. Sasha

Review of Knockout CatsBecca vs. Sasha (First to 3 Knockouts and Pins) – 23 mins

Knockout Cats threw Becca and Sasha into the FWR ring together for some fisticuffs, wrestling, boxing, pins, and knockouts. Sasha is all business in this fight, while Becca’s happy-go-lucky demeanor quickly turns to disdain at the mere sight of her opponent. The first girl to get three knockouts or pins takes the match, and we get to see each of these young ladies dish out pain and endure the punishment and humiliation of defeat in this one. Becca grabs an early advantage, taking it to Sasha with some bare-fisted punches. She follows that up with a handstand headscissors, and then a one-legged chokehold. Next, Becca locks her thighs around Sasha’s midsection in a tight and painful body scissors. She works her way up to Sasha’s neck and claims the first fall with a headscissor knockout. Becca taunts Sasha and toys with her limp head as she lays unconscious. Sasha is still out, so Becca fetches the boxing gloves and prepares her opponent for the next round of punishment. She drags Sasha to her feet, and Sasha’s in no shape to compete with the little blonde boxer. Sasha eats lefts and rights until she’s punched into the corner where Becca then drives her gloves into Sasha’s exposed belly. Down goes Sasha, planting her face into the ground with her derrière in the air. Becca places her foot on her head and gives her the 10-count treatment before shoving Sasha’s butt to leave her sprawled out, face up. Becca gets rid of the gloves for the next round, tossing her own gloves on the Sasha’s stomach. She yanks on Sasha’s hair to bring her to her feet for a back-arching dragon sleeper. Sasha is out once again, and this one could be over, folks. Becca performs the splits over her opponent’s body, and it’s ONE… TWO… and… she kicks out?! Becca playfully pulls Sasha’s limp head off the ground to stop the count and prolong the match. Becca folds Sasha’s legs over her head, plants her foot on her face, and restarts the pin count. ONE… TWO… and a groan from Sasha urges Becca to stop the count again. Becca toys with Sasha by stepping on Sasha’s ankles, watching her struggle with her feet folded over her head. Becca lifts Sasha to her feet again and demands that Sasha raise her arm in victory before she knocks her out for good. Sasha defiantly refuses, and Becca delivers two solid belly punches until Sasha agrees. Becca helps Sasha hold her hand high, but Sasha surprises the blonde with a gut-wrenching belly punch. Now it’s Sasha’s turn to run the table on Becca. She stuffs her fists into Becca’s stomach, and repeatedly lifts her leg into Becca’s midsection. Becca stumbles to the mat, and Sasha delivers some brutal knees to the face. That’s all that Becca can take, and she’s now the one that ends up face-planted into the mat with her derrière in the air. Sasha puts her foot on Becca’s butt, flexes, and counts out the knockout. With a little kick to the rear, Becca slides forward to sleep it off face-down, flat on the mat. With the pull of her hair, Becca’s awake and back on her feet, just long enough for Sasha to toss her back to the mat with a snapmare. Sasha sits behind Becca and locks on a sleeper hold. She lays back and wraps her legs around Becca’s waist. Becca struggles, not knowing whether to tug on the arms around her neck or pry the thighs apart that are squeezing her sides. By then, it’s too late. Becca succumbs to the sleep, and after a 10 count, it’s all tied up at 2 knockouts apiece. It’s time for a bit of limp play with Becca’s head, and a quick flexing pose with Becca asleep in Sasha’s lap. Sasha stands for a double bicep victory pose with her foot on Becca’s stomach. A rude awakening awaits Becca as Sasha slaps on a single leg boston crab to bring her back to consciousness. Becca submits, but that doesn’t stop Sasha in this knockouts and pins match. To be even more cruel, Sasha then puts Becca in another submission hold, the bow and arrow, bending Becca’s body backward and evoking another submission from Becca. Unfortunately for her, it’s still a knockouts and pins only match. Sasha drags Becca up by her hair, and punches her face a couple times. With Becca almost out on her feet, Sasha forces Becca to hold her arm up in victory. Becca attempts to punch Sasha in the stomach, but she’s too worn out to inflict any damage on Sasha’s belly. Sasha just laughs at her and delivers more face punches that drop Becca to the mat. Becca endures a triangle head scissors as long as she can, but she’s helpless to escape the hold, and it’s lights out for the cutie. Sasha folds Becca’s legs over her head, plants her foot on her ass for the final pin count. A couple slaps on the blonde’s ass just for good measure, and Sasha walks out victorious.

I love that Jay was kind enough to know that his description of this match may have gone on a little too long and included a TL:DR, and I quote “Becca beats on Sasha for the first half, knocking her out twice and arrogantly drawing out the third knockout. Sasha turns the tables and wipes the mats with Becca for the remainder of the video.” A very good and quick summery of this sexy matchup. This match was shot a little while ago, back when KOC visited FWR while Sasha was still local and I say that just so you guys don’t think Sasha has returned, although I would love it if she did. That being said, I really like how this match went, with a good section of Sasha getting beat up to start. Which is really great to see as I miss her so much and it’s great to see her jobbing again. Sasha gives us a great show as Becca does a few of her trademark moves and folds Sasha in to some sexy positions. Although they definitely need to dust off the ol’ wrestling rule book and look up what a pin is, because besides for one or two of the falls, none of the pins were proper pins and more of just count outs. A minor detail, but some real pins would have been nice. No matter who she’s against, I love seeing Becca losing, but not only that, I love how bubbly and sweet Becca was in this and she mixed in a few serious moments while facing off with Sasha, but for the most part she was happy-go-lucky until she got too cocky and Sasha takes control. Of course, Becca is outstanding with her selling and Sasha returns the favor with a few KOs and some sexy folded positions. I also like when Sasha gets a little cocky near the end and Becca tries to take control the same way she lost control, but Becca is too weak and her attack has no effect. Overall, I love the watching both the lovely ladies lose, but I’m glad Becca lost in the end, I like the wrestling holds used, the sexy positions they got folded in and of course all the KOs that we got with this one. KOC are releasing vids slowly, but at least every one they put out is easily worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10