Review of Becca vs LeAnn: Iron Woman Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca vs LeAnn: Iron Woman Match – 18 mins

LeAnn and Becca agree to fight it out in a multi fall iron woman match. They begin in robes for the announcement and it’s evident right away that Becca is cocky and confident, wanting the camera to see “what a true champion looks like!” The first fall begins and Becca slams into LeAnn with her taped fists, punching her out to a knockout that leaves the brunette laying with her butt in the air and under Becca’s foot! Fall two brings more domination from Becca as she gets LeAnn into a corner for a foot choke. But LeAnn finds an inner strength, along with a lot of anger about how cocky Becca has been, and manages to turn the tables, escape from the foot choke, and punch the stuffing out of Becca! She wins the fall with an intense body scissor / dragon sleeper knockout and poses with her bare foot on the face of a sleeping Becca! The remaining falls are all in favor of LeAnn, who obviously has had enough of poor Becca! The brunette puts her opponent through some leg stretches, back bending holds, belly punches, and a torture rack that brings submissions and knockouts. The final round is a pure face punching domination that has Becca groggy and barely able to defend herself as she’s finally knocked out in a very humiliating way!

This is a really great Becca squash and although it isn’t entirely one sided, it definitely one side enough to consider it a squash vid. This one does a ton of things right, starting with Becca being super cocky and arrogant, trying to make sure she’s she center of attention at all times. Then having Becca win the first round, making her head get even bigger then it was to start, and finally taking it all away in a great one sided beatdown that uses a lot of striking, submissions and KOs that lead to a final and humiliating defeat for the once cocky blond. If I said it once I must have said I 100 times by now, I absolutely love Becca squashes, she is such a great jobber and actress, I can never get tired of seeing her defeats. Also another big plus for this video is LeAnn, a great jobber and actress in her own right, she’s not only easy on the eyes, but do a wonderful job losing to Becca in that first round and crushing her in the rest. The only thing I would love to see from these kind of matches, are some over the top reactions, Becca’s eyerolling, punch drunkenness and general reactions are awesome, but I remember that ragdoll video she did for SKW and I continue to hold hope that she’ll get a chance to sell like that for FWR.

Overall Score: 9.9/10