Review of Becca vs Bella: Winner Takes All

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca vs Bella: Winner Takes All – 13 mins

It’s a battle of the blondes as Becca and Bella meet for a submissions wrestling match. These female wrestlers are equally matched as they toss each other around the ring with body slams, corner punishment, and clotheslines. Bella takes the early advantage by forcing Becca to submit to a bear hug, abdominal stretch, and a figure four leg lock. But when the visiting woman stops to brag Becca pounces! Our resident wrestler gets her own submissions with a torture rack, kneeling Mexican surfboard, and a figure four leg lock. With the match tied, Becca continues her domination and gets the final submission and victory with a painful Indian deathlock! Poor Bella is left sobbing on the mat as Becca poses proudly over her.

Now you guys know that I’m not the biggest submission only fan, but I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to have Bella and Becca in a video together. Just the possibility for the kind of trash talking between these two was worth checking out and it wasn’t disappointing, these ladies were great. Even without KOs, I can still appreciate the selling both these girls gave us here. The submission moves look great and painful. Of course, the ladies look fantastic, but that doesn’t even need to be said. I would have loved to see these two go at it in an Anything Goes style video, with of course plenty of trash talking and a few KOs along the way, but this was fun enough. I do hope to see Bella back at FWR real soon, she definitely doesn’t do enough fight vids and she fits in great at FWR.

Overall Score: 8.5/10