Review of Becca & Madison vs an Invisible Foe

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca & Madison vs an Invisible Foe – 14.5 mins

We join Becca and Madison in front of the ring stretching when suddenly they hear footsteps in the ring. They climb in to investigate but find no one. Suddenly, Madison gets hit on the top of her head and, thinking that Becca did it, punched the blond in the jaw! The same thing happens to Becca and she retaliates with a punch to Madison’s jaw and the beauties get ready to fight one another. Then the fun begins! Madison and Becca get punched out by an invisible foe, individually and together. They get punched out, choked out, tossed around the ring, thrown into each other, and dumped into body piles over and over again. You’ll LOVE this total destruction of the cute female wrestlers who end up being the recipients of a double stunner that leaves them knocked out while leaning up against one another!

The invisible foe series makes a return after a slight hiatus and this time that invisible bastard gets two for the price of one, totally dominating Becca and Madison. Now, it is clear that this was not scripted by the original invisible foe writer, because the emphasis on spread eagle KOs are gone, but it’s still so much fun to watch Becca and Madison toss themselves all over the place and into each other for KO after KO. Even the intro is really great, with Becca and Madison about to fight each other, thinking the other hit them for no reason, when suddenly Madison gets KO’d from out of nowhere and Becca follows suit right after. What follows is a great series of KOs, most of them ending in body piles. There’s a little bit of twitching involved, some tongue protrusion and lot of great eye rolling/eye crossing. It’s a really great vid that I only wish was longer. I also wouldn’t mind a slight focus on the spread eagle KOs like the original four of this series, but Madison and Becca both did such an amazing job here, I could watch them go on and on for an hour.

Overall Score: 9.9/10