Review of Becca Learns a Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca Learns a Lesson – 16.5 mins

We join an impatient Vanessa Harding waiting in the ring for her opponent to arrive. Suddenly, Becca runs into the studio carrying her wrestling boots. She jumps into the ring saying “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll be ready in a minute!” But Vanessa doesn’t like to be kept waiting and grabs little Becca by her blond hair and begins to punch her out and then knock her out with a tight sleeper hold! But Vanessa is only beginning to have fun and spends the remaining time tormenting poor Becca and working over her cute little feet and toes! The veteran female wrestler gets really creative as she destroys poor Becca’s ankles, feet, and toes then finally clamps on another sleeper hold. Little Becca’s toes wiggle and curl as she slowly goes unconscious and is left lying in the ring. We hope our cute blond has learned her lesson!

Here’s a nice Becca squash, at the hand of Vanessa, after pissing her off by being late to their match. Vanessa takes full advantage of Becca not having her boots on focusing on torturing Becca’s feet and toes, but first she KO’s Becca to make sure Becca doesn’t have too much fight in her. Some very creative offense used by Vanessa, there isn’t really too many moves used to torture your opponent’s toes, but she had no problems making some up as she went along. Becca started with both socks on but soon Vanessa must have felt that the sock was getting in the way and she yanked just one off. I really like the yoga pants on Becca, very sexy and probably would have looked really good with the black boots, but still looks great with just one sock on. Overall this is a fun vid, a lot of great selling from the amazing Becca, screaming and yelling as the veteran Vanessa makes up ways to torture her feet and toes, starts and ends with a KO, which is always good and did I mention its Becca squash, that’s always and automatic free pass to the favorites list for me.

Overall Score: 9.5/10