Review of Becca Gets Tough

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca Gets Tough – 13 Mins

beccaOur video opens with cute blond Becca issuing an open challenge to anyone who think they can defeat her in a wrestling match. Antoinette enters and accepts the challenge saying she’ll love to beat the girl up! They circle and the obviously stronger Antoinette takes the early advantage with a tight head lock. She follows up on some corner work on Becca then flips her to the mat for an impressive boston crab! When Becca refuses to submit, Antoinette moves into a back breaking camel clutch hoping the blond will finally give up. But although Becca is in extreme pain, she’s tough and holds out until Antoinette releases her! Suddenly Becca manages to catch her challenger off guard and punches her in the belly! A stunner has the brunette moaning in pain while Becca slaps on a straight head scissors followed by a figure four that knocks the dark haired beauty out! Becca now has the total control over Antoinette and the remainder of the match is filled with Becca dominating the brunette with holds that put Becca’s cute pink shoes in the neck and face of a gagging Antoinette! Foot chokes, scissors, and a final sleeper hold brings the victory to our spunky blond as she poses with her pink shoes in the face of a sleeping beauty!

These are happening more often than they used to, but I still find these Antoinette squashes as a nice little treat every now and then. Even though Becca does take a little while to gain control from Antoinette, I still consider this a squash. Becca uses these cute little pink shoes as her primary weapon, choking Antoinette, and stuffing them in her face in every way she can think of. Best part is at the end, Antoinette is exhausted and out of, but refuses to submit, so Becca puts her in a sleeper, Antoinette has no fight left and is pretty much a ragdoll as she easily passes out from the sleeper. This is a really fun one for me, I like the style of fighting Becca uses, I like that Antoinette is so helpless and of course I love the KO, pin and victory pose at the end of this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10