Review of Becca Gets Even

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca Gets Even – 33.5 Mins

Becca wants revenge after Peyton and Antoinette used her as a punching bag to “train” Peyton, (see “Peyton’s Training Session“), so she enlists the help of Madison! Peyton gets set up when she attends what she thinks is a costume party and finds a leather clad Madison waiting for her. Madison quickly attacks poor Peyton with punches, hammerlocks, knees and punches to the belly, and several low blows. Once the Peyton is sufficiently weakened, Madison delivers her to Becca. What follows is an epic beat down with Becca getting her revenge on Peyton while Madison holds her. Punches, hammerlocks, belly punishment, and tight scissors put Peyton out over and over again. Becca even has Madison carry the unconscious girl to the dressing room and change her into a more fitting outfit for the remaining punishment! They work the poor girl over while her wrists are tied behind her back then throw her into the ring where they tie her up in a corner! They finish the groggy girl off with several face and belly punches, low blows, and a final double uppercut that knocks Peyton out for good.

Another one of those great, extra-long, one-sided, brutal beatdown vids. Last time Becca played the victim, as she was used for Peyton, but this time Becca teams up with Madison to get her revenge. Becca and Madison beat the living daylights out of Payton, Becca does most the damage, while Madison mainly keeps Payton held down. There’s some handcuffs and rope involved too, which is always fun. There’s not too many KO, but definitely a good handful. Peyton is just about half conscious for the majority of the video as well. Everyone’s outfit it this is very sexy, it’s always a nice bonus for me when the jobber is wearing heels, but they all look great. Peyton plays a great victim, a very good performance for her. I loved this kind of vid when Sasha did them, loved it when Becca did it and I definitely still love it now. Can’t wait to see who ends up being the victim next time, I wouldn’t mind Madison, or Charlie, but I know it’s going to be great too.

Overall Score: 9.9/10