Review of Becca Confronts Kat

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca Confronts Kat – 11 Mins

KatKat, in a sexy school girl outfit, is sitting in the FWR studio when Becca comes in to confront her about sleeping with her boyfriend. Kat shrugs it off, saying she can do whatever she wants. An angry Becca challenges Kat to a match in the ring and as she turns to get into the ring, Kat attacks! She slams Becca’s head into the ring apron then rolls the dazed blond into the ring! Kat’s sneak attack gives her early control as she works Becca over with kicks and punches in the corner and mounted punches down on the mat. When the confident Kat goes for a body splash in the corner, Becca manages to turn the tide by rolling out of the way, making Kat smash into the turnbuckles! Becca takes complete control from here, first getting payback for all those punches Kat gave her and then she really brings the pain. Becca puts Kat through the ringer with a camel clutch, multiple knees to the spine, several body slams, and a boston crab. Becca finally forces Kat to submit and admit that she’s the better woman, but Becca isn’t quite satisfied yet and continues the beat down. Becca starts with a back breaker that actually knocks Kat out … but Becca still isn’t done! She wakes Kat up and lifts her into a torture rack. Kat suffers but stays conscious until Becca drops to her knees, wrenching that torture rack just enough to knock Kat out before releasing her. Finally satisfied with her destruction of Kat the tough Becca pulls Kat’s unconscious head up by the hair and whispers into her ear, “If I ever catch you around my boyfriend again I’ll do a lot more than just knock you out!” We don’t think Kat will be making that mistake again!

Talk about teaching a lesson, even though Kat did cheat a little to get the early advantage, Becca’s outfit was a dead giveaway that Kat wasn’t going to win this one. I don’t think anyone has ever lost wearing that outfit. It doesn’t take long for Kat to lose control and she definitely gets destroyed from there. I love the sexy school girl outfit especially when they’re being dominated. Kat sell pretty good, making the perfect expressions while locked Becca’s submission holds. We get a few KOs near the end and a humiliating verbal submission before that. Also the storyline and the dirty attack from Kat makes me feel even better when Becca’s kicking her ass. So, it’s a well-earned butt kicking, well sold by both Kat and Becca.

Overall Score: 8.5/10