Review of Beaten Wife

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Review of Torvea CustomsBeaten Wife – 23 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets confronts Arielle Lane and calls her a whore for sleeping with her husband. Angered, Jacquelyn throws a punch and Arielle catches it before shoving her against the wall. A quick belly punch and face punch knocks her out and she slumps to the ground with her round ass in the air. As she awakens, Arielle slams her calves on the back of her neck. Although asleep, Arielle does it more and Jackie grunts each time. Sensually caressing her big ass, Arielle uses her long legs to keep knocking her out. A belt chokes her neck and she tries removing it before the whites of her eyes flutter shut and drool drips down her face. Arielle strips her tank top and daisy dukes to reveal her nude colored lingerie. Squeezing her prey’s cheeks, she makes fun of her before straddling and kissing her limp body. Her husband would love seeing his Mistress atop his beaten wife! He doesn’t want to be stuck at home with her and would rather be with Arielle. Jacquelyn rouses and is embarrassed to be exposed in her lingerie. She pleads as Arielle pulls her hair and forces her to do a humiliating crawl like a puppy. Submitting to the superior woman, Jacquelyn is completely broken down and knows her place. Arielle makes a phone call to her boyfriend and has Jacquelyn bark like a doggy into the phone. He’s excited to see the new training but first Arielle puts Jackie into a chokehold and out like a light. Jacquelyn snores as Arielle draws an L on her forehead for LOSER, PATHETIC on her chest, and GOODY DOGGY on her belly. Pictures are taken and then Jacquelyn is pushed to her belly and big booty in the air.

As I continue my search for more Jacquelyn Velvets defeats, I find myself back at one of Scott Torvea’s stores and this one is a real gem for me. This isn’t one of those sleepy vids, with tons of eye rolling and some nice gentle chloro KOs, as much as I love them too. This one however, is a quick and easy beatdown and humiliation of poor Miss Velvets. The one-two combo from Arielle puts Jackie out cold. I love that Jackie was this easy to knockout, just showed how completely overpowered she was. Then we get some overkill leg drops, while Jacquelyn lies face down with her arms at her sides. I loved that Jacquelyn was just about knocked out for all of this, sometimes trying to get up, but never getting too far. I’m also a huge fan of that position she was laying in. Than a drooling choke out with a belt and once Arielle is sure Jackie is going to be out for a while she squeezes Jackie’s face causing more drool to pour from her mouth. Of course any drooling is good drooling for me, I don’t think this was OTT drooling, but it was definitely a nice touch. There’s a fairly long make out session with Jackie remaining out cold, some humiliating dog walking, letting us see that flesh tone thong Miss Velvets is wearing, which hard to even tell it’s there at times. A sleeper puts Jackie out cold again and Arielle takes this opportunity to write some humiliating things all over Jacquelyn, finally leaving her in a beautiful Darri-air pose. Definitely a Jackie the Jobber situation here as she loses a fight so bad it’s hard to even call it a fight, then gets completely humiliated for even trying and left out cold with her butt in the air. This is the kind of video I love to find when I am searching of Jacquelyn Velvets.

Overall Score: 9.9/10