Review of Beat In Leather

Review of Jinx FilmsBeat In Leather – 12 mins

Scene starts off with Jinx flaunting her sexy leatherette outfit when she challenges a curious bystander to try to beat her. The bystander agrees to and gives her a giant kick to the crotch that causes her to double over. Jinx gets back up and taunts the bystander. “Really? Is that all you got?” She says as she gathers herself. This motivates the bystander to go even harder. He dominates her by giving her several blows to the cunt, tits, and belly. He chokes her out by crushing her throat with his foot. She struggles, but gets back up. Jinx continues to take the beating courageously until the bystander gives her one last blow that she’s unable to recover from.

I bring you guys more content from the lovely Jinx. Although the videos I like most from her tend to be the same, I am really enjoying these POV beatdown type videos. These videos come down to a few things that determine whether or not I enjoy these vids. First is the outfits she has on, in this case the leather outfit and boots is a winning pick for me. Even though this outfit leaves very little skin exposed, I still really like this look. Another thing that really makes a difference for me is the amount of times she gets knocked down and how long she takes to get back up. In this one she gets knocked down a lot and ends up in several different positions. She also does some writhing on the ground which is really great. Jinx’s selling is always on point, which is an important thing, but not a concern because she’s always so good. Overall, this is another solid video I can safely recommend if you enjoy the POV beatdown style video. I saw there was another one where she’s wearing a bikini top, tiny skirt and thigh high boots. I will definitely be picking that one up soon and I will review that one for you guys as well.

Overall Score: 9/10