Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBAUNFIRE AND THE VANITY – 13 mins

Anne Marie and Sumiko are awaiting their next opponent in this two-on one match-up.  Wearing shiny spandex tights, the duo is talking trash about newcomer Baunfire, confidant that their years of experience at SKW will give them the winning edge.  As they jaw jack, Baunfire stalks in behind them, towering over the team as they run their mouths.  Finally having heard enough, she grabs them each by the head and slams them into each other, crushing both girls’ skulls in a dual head press. The girls’ eyes cross as the pressure builds, vainly struggling against the Amazon’s might. Slowly their lids flutter as their eyes roll back, and they collapse to the ground as they’re released. Baunfire wastes no time hauling them to their feet, only to press them against each other, reaching around both of them with long arms and crushing them in a dual bearhug, making them grit their teeth as they struggle for breath, their eyes crossing from the pain. As Baunfire tightens her grip, their eyelids once again start to flutter as their eyes roll back into their heads, before being dumped unceremoniously onto the mat, out cold. As they lay prone on the mat, Baunfire stalks Sumiko, reach down to grab her arms, hauling her to her feet like a rag doll, then leaving her to stagger as she grabs Anne, also easily hauling her to her feet by the arms. Gripping each by the skull over her broad shoulders, she drops to the mat, rocking each of them with a twin stunner, their chins bouncing as they fly off, crashing to the mat.  The girls lay unconscious for a moment, knocked out before a stomp to the belly brings Anne back around, only to he hauled up to her feet once again, before being shoved into the wall to be punished with a brutal set of belly punches, rocking her bodily off the ground with their power. As she slumps, winder and woozy, Baunfire walks over to haul Sumiko to her feet, throwing her against Anne, then rushing them both with a running lariat, crashing them into each other with the force of it.  Their eyes roll from the brutal impact before they collapse back to the ground, catatonic and twitching. Baunfire continues her brutality, destroying the team with twin choke holds, dual head scissors, dual chloroforming, twin belly splashes, dual uppercuts, pile drivers, tombstone piledrivers, leaving them stunned, cross-eyed and knocked out cold over and over before finally dragging Anne over Sumiko and standing proud, foot firmly planted on them as she poses her triumphant victory

Got a nice throwback video here from SKW, with the best jobber tag team, Sumiko and Anne-Marie, getting absolutely destroyed by the amazing Baunfire. I do wish we could still have Baunfire come in and visit SKW, she was quite the force to be wrecking with. Takaiji and her would be a killer tag team or great enemies. Either way it would be great to see her again. That being said, this show is really about Anne and Sumiko, fan favorites 1 and 2, depends on who you ask, which one of them is number 1. Doesn’t matter really because they both get squashed here and in good fashion. The move list was simple and to the point with KOs all the way and topped off with a piledriver for each of our lovely jobber girls. I also love these outfits, both Sumiko and Anne look great in these shiny outfits and we definitely need to find more like these because I am pretty sure both these suits are done and dusted. Anyway, point being, when you get a video with both Anne-Marie and Sumiko losing together is just a must own. Always has been, always will be.

Overall Score: 9.5/10