Review of Battered and Bruised

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubBattered and Bruised – 30 Mins

It’s always over a boy…and this time, it’s serious! Terra Mizu confronts the timid Keri Spectrum about the fact that she is dating her ex-boyfriend. Keri tries to talk some sense into the clearly crazy Terra, but she isn’t interested in talking. She has some aggression to take out and who better than the girl getting her sloppy seconds. She begins to bully Keri, who gathers enough courage to fight back and get a few good hits in. Unfortunately, this does nothing more than piss Terra off more and she proceeds to go to town on the busty blonde. Kicks, punches, slaps, hair pulling- all the nasty moves you would expect from a psycho bitch! At the end, Keri is left a mess! Her face is completely bruised and ruined, all the while Terra walks away feeling satisfied and proud of her handy work.

This is plain and simply a “beat the crap out of Keri” vid, a genre that I absolutely adore. Keri is an all-time favorite jobber for me, so any chance I get to see her get completely destroyed I’m all about and this is a great one. Although, quite frankly, I could do without the blood and bruises, I don’t mind it too much, but would have been better without it. However, this is just about completely one sided, Keri gets a few punches in, but they don’t help much as they just make Terra even angrier. It’s not long after that Keri is just a punching bag, to weak and dazed to fight back, but she keeps trying. Terra is totally crazy too, she’s mad at Keri because Keri is dating the guy she broke up with, but now wants him back and is pissed that Keri refuses to leave him and that’s why she destroys Keri, which is funny to me, because she’s so wrong, but doesn’t care. It’s also nice to just have a good old fashioned fist fight, no scissors, no piledrivers, no wrestling at all, just kicks and punches, a knee to the jaw here and there and a little hair pulling. We don’t get vids like this too often, especially done this well. So, if you like see Keri get the daylights beaten out of her and don’t mind some blood and bruising, this is definitely one you need to see.

Overall Score: 9/10