Review of Batlass Episode 2

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesBatlass Episode 2 – 16 mins

Niki Lee Young stars as the sexy Batlass wearing a grey spandex catsuit. The evil Trickster continues to toy with the overmatched Batlass with his sleepy tricks. Can Batlass finally get the upper hand on the fiend or will Trickster succeed in pawning Batlass off to the highest bidder.  Find out in Episode 2, the conclusion.  If you’re into superheroines losing, this release is for you!  Video contains outtakes and alternate scenes.

A little while ago I review the first part of this Batlass video and now here is part two. The madness picks up exactly where part one ended and lucky for us, things don’t get any better for the poor superheroine. Or masked evildoer continues his sleepy limp play fun on the powerless heroine. The focus on Niki’s backside and crotch also continues which is a high spot for me. I think to KOs come at a good pace and there is plenty of nice limp play too. I’ll never fully love body suits, but the focus on her butt and crotch will always be a great thing, no matter she’s wearing. Near the end Niki does almost get the best or our bad guy, but luckily he had one more trick up his sleeve and Batlass goes out for the night and is completely at the bad guy’s mercy. I think part 2 continues the fun for part one and it definitely would be a good idea to get both parts. In the end, you just get more sleepy, superheroine, limp play action.

Overall Score: 9/10