Review of Batlass Episode 1

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesBatlass Episode 1 – 14 mins

Niki Lee Young stars as the sexy Batlass in a grey spandex catsuit.  Batlass has gotten information that Trickster has a virus on DVD that will destroy the financial economy of the city.  Little does she know that it’s all a trap set-up by the Trickster to capture her… over and over again.

Got another new production here, Sleepy Superheroines and I think their name tells you what they are all about. Lots a superheroine in spandex catsuits getting knocked out. I know you guys are always asking me to do more superheroine stuff, so hopefully this helps a bit. This is one of, if not the first video they have are selling and it stars Niki Lee Young, an awesome gal, who I think most of you guys will know from seeing her work somewhere else before, as she been in a lot of different productions. I will admit, I am not the biggest fans of catsuits, bodysuits, or anything else that covers the entire body, but I have to say that in this video there is a nice focus on Niki’s ass, lots of close ups and spanking, even a little carrying, all while paying close attention to her backside. And bodysuit or not, I do indeed like that. There’s also plenty of KOs, some from shock devices and traps that cause a bit of twitching, a few chloro KOs with some decent eyerolling and some for some kind of sound device that makes Niki all loopy before falling into another KO technique or just passing out from that. They do a good job of mixing in some limp play, as well as just having Niki out cold and also keeping the next KO coming without too much time in between. There’s some good superheroine trash talking, you know, cocky superheroine stuff before she gets KO’d and our masked evil doer is talkative and kind of funny, but not too much of either. Overall, I enjoyed this one, even not being the biggest bodysuit fan I easily found this one pretty sexy and there’s a good number of KOs with pretty good reactions. It’s a sleepy/limp play vid that just happens to star a sexy superheroine. There’s a part two to this video and I have it already and will bring you guys a review on that part soon.

Overall Score: 9/10