Review of Batgirl Bat Traps Episode 2

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesBatgirl Bat Traps Episode 2 – 22 mins

In this concluding episode, Trickster continues to play with the outmatched and sleepy Batgirl.  This time his plan is to hypnotize Batgirl and turn her evil by framing Jim Gordon for murder.  As the sleepy and helpless Batgirl fights as best she can, will the Trickster succeed?  Find out in this brand new episode!

This one picks up right where episode 1 left off. Bat-Misty is already defeated and she is out of it. She wakes up for the KOs, but never is all there, as she sways back and forth in the arms of The Trickster. Knocking her back out is easy when she’s go no fight left. And I just love seeing Misty like this, eyes rolling, mouth hanging open, she’s dazed and silly, it’s excellent. There’s no need for any more tricks or traps as she is at The Tricksters mercy. This episode is more focused on Misty being dazed and silly, as well as hypnosis as The Trickster has more plans for poor Batgirl. And as much as I’m not a body suit guy, Misty’s butt looks great in this suit and I can’t complain about, and The Trickster certainly likes it too, as he gets his spanks in as always. Overall, this episode was especially fun for me with the extra silliness, and I just look forward what Sleepy Superheroines is going to do next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10