Review of Batgirl Bat-Trap Episode 1

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesBatgirl Bat-Trap Episode 1 – 21 mins

Batgirl is about to capture the Trickster and hand him over to the Gotham Police Department.  Little does she realize that it’s a trap set-up by the Trickster to capture her.  Once she’s caught, she is subjected to a countless number of sleepy traps inspired by the classic Batman TV show.  Can Batgirl escape?  Find out in this pulse-pounding episode.

More Sleepy Superheroine action and that means more Misty Lovelace action. The Trickster is up to his old tricks again, this time setting Batgirl up for several sexy and sometimes amusing traps. Of course all these traps lead to KOs and limp play. Again, I can’t help but repeat how much a love Misty and I love that they keep changing her outfits for her and finding different cool traps to trap her in. This batgirl outfit might not be my favorite, although the heels are nice touch, but this one does include one of my favorite traps so far, which was the bat belt magnet, that pins her to the door frame and leaves her open for another easy KO while she struggles to free herself. This is episode one and there is at least one more episode ready to go that I’ll definitely be checking out soon. Overall, I can’t get enough Misty right now, she’s awesome and sexy as hell. They can just keep cranking these great videos out.

Overall Score: 9/10