Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBAMBI’S STRENGTH: SESSION # 6 – 27 mins

Yet another one of Bambi’s super-fans commissions a private session with the lovely brunette, and this time it’s the stunning COCO!!! We fade in on a nervous Coco as she waits for Bambi to enter her session room.  The two meet and Coco geeks out.  She confesses her secret desire for getting dominated by Bambi’s legs and feet as she admires the star’s physique.  Bambi smiles as she asks Coco if she’s SURE she wants a full one-sided session.  The lovely Latina can barely contain herself as she says yes, leading a very short grappling opening that leads to Coco’s body trapped between Bambi’s thighs.   She begs for more and Bambi obliges, squeezing until the air leaves Coco and she falls into a deep sleep.   What follows is the session of Coco’s DREAMS as Bambi toys with her, knocking her out cold over and over until a final forced foot smother leaves Coco out, her face used as a resting place for Bambi’s soles as she too takes a peaceful nap!

If you didn’t know Coco before she made it to SKW, I have no doubt you must love her now. She did so many videos in her first visit and has already come back for a second visit and has planned her third. It seems like everyone is loving her and I can’t blame you. This time Coco is the willing victim in another of Bambi’s private session. And as is accustomed to this series, Coco is just in love with Bambi and wants to be dominated by her. Of course Bambi is more than happy to fulfill Coco’s dreams and does so with tons and tons of different scissors, with a few smothers too. Coco absolutely crushes the selling in this role, putting on one hell of a show for us, while Bambi smiles and giggles with glee. There is tons of KOs, as just about each scissor hold or smoother puts Coco out. There’s a little bit of OTT reactions near the end as Coco drools from a few holds and twitches after one of the KOs. I love the sensuality of this, even though I’m normally “the big bad heel crushes the helpless jobber” type, the willing victim and the wanting to be dominated thing works really well for me. But most of all, it’s Coco and I have just been loving, literally every vid she’s been in at SKW so far and can’t wait to see what she’s done with her last visit. She’s a hell of talent and fits in so well with our local favorites, like Bambi and Saya. So, if you liked any of these Bambi session vids before, then this is one you really shouldn’t miss.

Overall Score: 9.9/10