Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBAMBI’S STRENGTH: SESSION # 4 – 32 mins

Another amazing “private” session begins with the beautiful EDEN as she waits to meet the lovely Bambi Buttons!  Bambi enters and Eden geeks out, hugging her hero as she showers her with compliments.  Eden’s fantasy session soon begins, and her request to be completely dominated by the powerful Bambi’s legs, thighs, and feet comes to life!   What follows is a barrage of knockouts that Eden seems to fight at first, but slowly grows to welcome…and some may say even enjoy.  Bambi smiles deviously as she grants Eden’s sleepy wishes, culminating in a final extended foot smother that leaves Eden unconscious while Bambi takes a well-deserved nap on the mats!

For once I could say this isn’t one of my favorite series from SKW, only because it all scissors holds and I’m a power moves guy. That being said, I still really loved this one, because when you get two ladies I just can’t resist, doing the willing victim gimmick, even though it’s all scissor holds, the KOs are very nice and there is some over the top aspects to it as well. Eden has been an outstanding addition to the SKW roster and has been making waves in every video she’s been in thus far, in my opinion. This one is definitely another one, her selling, especially her eyerolling is fantastic. She also looks down right stunning in everything she wears. I feel the Eden is just waiting for her opportunity to do some really over the top selling, it feels to me like she really enjoys the over the top stuff. Bambi is another SKW gal who looks outstanding in everything and I think she really loves these roles where she gets to dominate. Her smile is gorgeous and seems so genuine, which makes vids like this just more enjoyable. So even though I’m not the biggest head scissor man, with this beautiful cast, the willing victim thing, all those KOs, a little over the top action and sexy KO positions, together make this one hard to deny.

Overall Score: 9/10