Review of Bailey Paige in Knocked Out Live on Webcam

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Review of FunhouseBailey Paige in Knocked Out Live on Webcam! – 6 Mins

BaileySexy porn star Bailey Paige was having a cool webcam show for her fans and definitely was planning to have some more fun by giving them a good tease. Too bad for her she was not the only one in the room at the time, that’s because the super villain himself Bobby was there to give her a surprise knock out. I’m sure the people that were watching the show wish they could have warned her when he was behind her but Bailey was so into her teasing that she wasn’t reading the comments at the time. Once he knocked her out it was definitely time for some limp play action with her sexy little body. He even gave her the opportunity to wake up and see if she even remembered what happened. Of course she knew she was in lala land but had no idea how until the villain came back again for a second knock out. This time he decided to give the fans at home watching more of a show by removing her top to see those nice tits of hers. I think it’s safe to say this was another classic knock out that was live on webcam for all of us to enjoy at home!

This is a cute, short vid, starting a cute, short chick. I don’t know much about Bailey Paige, I’ve seen her here and there. This is one of, if not the first vid I’ve have of hers. The webcam idea is pretty fun, it’s good when she’s being flirty with the camera, her outfit is super sexy, but I love how the villain sneaks up behind her and takes his time, almost mocking her before he whacks her over the head, instantly knocking her out. There’s some nice tongue protrusion during the KOs, which is what really drew me to this video.  There’s also some nice limp play, including the removal of just one sock. The villain wakes her up and she is completely clueless about what happened, although clearly her head hurts, but she just keeps going with the cam show. Even in the end, she wakes up, notices her top is pulled down and she’s like “oh, did we have fun?” This vid is definitely on the short side, but Bailey super cute, there’s some nice silly stuff and overall it was fun to watch. I’ll have to see more of this Bailey chick soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10