Review of Bailey Paige in K.O. at Doc’s Office!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsBailey Paige in K.O. at Doc’s Office! – 5 Mins

BaileyBailey Paige was having some allergy problems while in town, instead of going to the local pharmacy she looked online to see if there was a late night doctor office opened to get a prescription. Good thing she went online to look because she found Doctor Bob’s home office on top of her search. Well that might not be a good thing for Bailey; it was a good thing for Doctor Bob who just loves hot sexy porn stars visiting him. Of course Bobby recognized Bailey Paige right away but he didn’t give that away as he wanted to keep it somewhat professional for her. She did think it was a bit weird to undress down to her bra and bikini for him but she did it anyways. It didn’t take long for the doctor to creep Bailey out with his questions and gentle touch to her shoulders as that is why he didn’t waste any time to knock her out. Now he has her limp petite body all for him to have some limb play fun with and that is exactly what he did!

Got another quick clip from Funhouse Clips with the super cute and sexy Bailey Paige. This is a really fun idea and I’ve seen them do the creepy doctor thing before, it’s always good for a laugh. I love Bailey’s reactions to the doc touching her and asking her to removing her clothes. The one KO is pretty quick, but you still can see a little eyerolling from Bailey. I really love the limp play, sitting Bailey up, rolling her head around, peaking under her bra, he takes her shoes off too, but you don’t see too much of her feet. I really enjoy this clip, even though it was super short. I’d would have loved to see Bailey wake up a time or two, trying to escape, longer chloro scenes as she struggles to stay conscious, more clothing removal and more view of her whole sexy little body. My only real complaint about this vid is the length, this vid has everything it needs to be an outstanding clip, but it’s just all done so quickly and then vid is over in a blink.

Overall Score: 8.5/10