Review of Bad To The Clone 2

Review of Velvets FantasiesBad To The Clone 2 – 22 Mins

beccaA male secret agent (played by SK) is sent to take out a small group of clones created from the DNA of two rival operatives (Merry Meow and Becca), and he does so with surgical precision. Using a variety of knockout techniques, he takes each clone down and out, only to carry them away to a quickly building body pile (not shown). After a final set of easy takedowns, Sleeperkid makes his way into the primary building, where he’s suddenly attacked by the ORIGINAL agents! The girls nail some decent blows, but SK tricks Becca into punching Merry out cold. Becca rushes to check on her fallen friend, leaving our hero open to render Becca unconscious with a vicious bear hug. He reports back to his boss, setting up a pickup for the sleeping operatives, but decides to have some fun with them before they arrive, using their bag of KO weapons to repeatedly wake them and render them unconscious, until, a final DOUBLE OTS carry leads to a win for the cunning agent!

This is an amazing vid that I just couldn’t wait to post or you guys. When Velvets Fantasies, SKW and FWR joining forces amazing things are guaranteed to happen and this is the first of many great things coming from their latest visit to Arizona. Becca and Merry are jaw dropping in this video, both in looks, with their awesome outfits and performances, with their fantastic selling. We get a great number KOs, as SK has to take out the clones first before getting to his real targets and varying toys and techniques, as SK uses a few creative ways to KO Merry and Becca. After the KOs there’s time for limp play and awesome carries. I really can’t say enough how amazing both Becca and Merry look in the vid. I also got to hand it to SK for his impressive Tiny impression, as he OTS carries both ladies at the same time, not once but twice. This vid is very sexy, very fun and if you like KOs and carries, you better not miss this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10