Review of Bad Sam’s Boxing Beating POV

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Review of Hit the MatBad Sam’s Boxing Beating POV – 11 Mins

Sam BoxSamantha Grace comes to Hit the Mat! Clad in a sexy school girl uniform, Sam Grace plays the “bad girl” in detention, always getting in to fights, even knocking out her teachers! If Sam Grace can win this match, no more detention. If she loses, she has to stop fighting. The fighter hopeful takes the challenge and the match is on. Sam starts out taking and trading punches, but as time goes on it seems her fighting skills need some work. Her belly, breasts, chin and even crotch get worked over. She continues to fight back, but it’s clear she’s fading as her punches can no longer find their mark. Sam is knocked down, knocked around, and then knocked out!

Some nice POV boxing at from HTM, this one with the amazing Samantha Grace, in a really sexy school girl outfit. I don’t think I’ve seen a school outfit look any better that it does on Sam, especially after she gets KO’d. Besides the outfit, Sam also sells this very well, we get a lot of great dazed reactions, slowly watching her get weaker and more out of it with her hanging on the ropes and stumbling around the ring. Also a couple of good knock downs, well, Sam is kind of pushed down, but still works for me. While she’s down we get some more attacks while she’s down, then Sam struggling back to her feet to beat the count. Boxing matches are always better with some close call knockdowns like that. My favorite thing about POV vids is getting great close ups of reactions, her sexy open top and belly punches, which are plentiful here, as well as a few dirty low blows as well. In the end Sam is completely lights out, could have counted to 100 if you felt like, the best kind of endings. I also really love that Sam started out boastful and arrogant, that always makes for a better defeats. I think Sam did an awesome job it this vid and you better believe I’ll be checking out her match vs Rusty pretty soon.

Overall Score: 9/10