Review of Bad Limp Night for Constance & Chrissy Marie

Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasBad Limp Night for Constance & Chrissy Marie – 21 mins

Constance & Chrissy were just getting to their hotel after their business meeting, when they were not prepared for what was about to happen. Constance arrived into the hotel first and she was over taken by a masked man. He grabbed her and choked her, she tried to fight but he was too strong and she fell limp into his arms. He then dragged her onto the bed. A few minutes later, Chrissy arrived, saw Constance but had no time to react, before the masked man grabbed her and put her into a sleeperhold. She also tried to fight but she also fell limp and he tossed her on the bed. Then he decided to play with these too sexy young women. After a bit the girls slowly started to wake up. They were confused, but the masked man, grabbed Constance and held a cloth over her nose. There was something on that cloth that made Constance fall on the bed. Chrissy tried to escape, but the man grabbed her and held a mask over her mouth. She too smelled the fumes and she as well fell limp. The guy proceeded to take of both girls’ clothes, lift and carry them around for a bit. One more time they each woke up, and again another KO method was used on both. He finally had enough, he fondled their naked bodies, one last time, grabbed a few items, and left them naked, helpless and limp on the bed.

A really nice sleepy limp play video from Constance here and there’s a lot to love about this one. First I got to say I love the reactions, Constance gives the best reactions when getting KO’d and that is definitely on display here as she gives us great reactions with that great eyerolling she’s known for, for each KO. Next I love that both Constance and Chrissy get stripped all the way down to nothing. I feel that full nudity in a sleepy vids is becoming more and more of a rarity, especially one like this that don’t turn into a sex vid after the clothes come off. I really like that the focus stays on KOs and limp play instead of turning to sex. And I have also got to say just how great both Constance and Chrissy look both naked and fully dressed. Starting in their office clothes then getting stripped to nothing and looking great the whole way. There’s also some good limp play in this, with a few carries as well. I love seeing the girl totally limp as they’re rolled around and stripped. And nice KOs too, from sleepers to chloro and then dust masks at the end, each one is a great ways to put the girls out. Overall, this is a great sleepy/limp play video, with full nudity and of course two victims are better than one.

Overall Score: 9/10