Review of Bad Bet Nicole Oring vs Sumiko

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Review of Sumiko DreamsBad Bet Nicole Oring vs Sumiko – 31 mins

Sexy super star Nicole Oring has a surprise for the fabulous Sumiko. Sumiko has challenged her to a no rules match and has even offered her gym if she loses! Nicole bad mouths her arch rival as she waits to pounce on her unsuspecting prey. The overconfident goddess shows up in the dressing room in a slinky dress unaware Ms. Oring is lurking. She traps Sumiko in a breath depriving sleeper that has her gasping for air. Sumiko flails in horror as she tries desperately to escape but is soon rendered lifeless on the mat. Nicole gleefully strips her to a bikini, wakes her with thumping stomach punches and sends her back to darkness with a humiliating choke with her own dress. The unrelenting torture is only beginning. Sumiko’s magnificent toned body is devastated by the maniacal Nicole. She crushes her ribs with vise-like scissors that sends the stunned Sumiko out again and again. Years of hatred toward her mortal enemy fuel Nicole’s unrelenting rage. A deep nerve pinch and crushing body scissors combo make Sumiko squeal, gasp, pass out and convulse. It’s all downhill from here for the lovely Sumiko. Her desperate cries for mercy make Nicole even more wicked. Sumiko’s battered ribs and vulnerable neck are the targets of Nicole’s rage as she delivers KO after KO to the helpless beauty. The merciless Nicole finally ends this epic beat down with a brutal chain choke. Sumiko may never wake up!

I just cannot get enough Sumiko squashes and this is another great one coming for Sumiko’s C4S store and shot in SKW mat room when Nicole was it Atlanta. There’s not much to this story and I feel like there’s not much I need to say that will help explain why I love it so much. Plain and simply it’s Sumiko getting absolutely destroyed by Nicole. It’s a pretty scissor heavy beatdown. which would be my only complaint, a few too many scissors, especially knowing how great these two are at prostyle action, it’s a bit of shame that we don’t get a little more pro moves, but I can only assume that is what the script asked for. Anyway, we do get a little over the top selling from Sumiko, with plenty of twitching, but not much else in the form of over the top reactions. There’s plenty of great struggling, lots and lots of KOs, of course Nicole doesn’t take it each on Sumiko verbally either, giving Sumiko quite the tongue lashing. The whole bet thing doesn’t do too much for me, works as a reason for the fight, but with Sumiko and Nicole Oring, I think they gave us all the reason we need to see them fight, whenever they’re together. And that’s about it. This is a Sumiko squash that I would call “Up to standards”. It’s nothing crazy, it’s not disappointing in anyway, but it is always, always a good time watching Sumiko get completely dominated. At this point it doesn’t matter who dishing out the beatdown, Sumiko will make it worth watching, every time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10