Review of Backbraker cruel destruction Revenge

Review of DefeatedBackbraker cruel destruction Revenge – 11 Mins

JanelleGirls start fighting in finger lock challenge, Stella with a footboard puts Janelle on the floor, choking Janelle with her own arms. Janelle a bit winded can’t really defend herself, Stella turns her into the first of a long list of backbrakers. The first is a really painful leg trap/camel clutch. That turns into a nipple playing camel clutch. Janelle is totally in pain, without any chance to fight back!! Destroyed, she’s then the victim of a boston crab that removes any chance of her defending herself, leaving Stella space to put her in lots more backbrakers. Stella’s final plan is another one, she wants Janelle in total pain, humiliated. She locks her on the floor, playing with her nipples, choking her to KO. A Quick victory poses for Stella after this one sided match.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys and this time my favorite Defeated jobber is actually playing the heel against my second favorite Defeated jobber, Janelle. So much like Janelle did to Stella in an earlier release, (Cruel Backbreaker Destruction) this one is all about submission holds and trying to break Janelle in two. We get a lot of very painful looking holds, with Janelle doing an excellent job of selling and Stella definitely loving her dominance. One of my favorite things about Janelle playing the jobber is her breasts never want to stay in her top, so we normally get some extra nipple torture added the her destruction and that is exactly what happens here. I also couldn’t help but notice Stella was wearing the same bra and panties set from her ragdoll video, still looks fantastic on her even though she’s winning. Anyway this is another job well done by the guys over at Defeated.

Overall score: 9/10