Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBACK TO THE NINETIES – 13 Mins

ElsaSKW’s TRIBUTE TO The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!!!

The beautiful Elsa Ives and Merry meow are introduced as SKW preps them for a classic 90’s style pins/submissions battle!  The attire is an homage to G.L.O.W., as both wrestlers preen and pose in their shiny tights/thong leotards/boots before the start of the match! The match begins, and both ladies go for the win early on, grappling and looking for attack opportunities.  Elsa manages to take Merry Down with a series of arm wringers and a jujigitame armlock but Merry refuses to give.  Elsa continues, slamming Merry’s face into the mats and applying a brutal camel clutch with hair pulling that has Merry screaming… but she refuses to submit! Elsa goes for a running wall splash but Merry manages to duck out of the way, taking control and attacking with belly blows, a snap mare, surfboard, a figure four leglock (which Elsa refuses to submit to), and a ground Dragon Sleeper that slowly knocks Elsa out!   Merry goes for the 10 count pin but Elsa kicks out.  Infuriated, Merry stands Elsa up and nails a series of forearms to the face, followed by a giant skull kick that knocks Elsa out yet again!   Merry ALMOST gets the pin but Elsa does kick out.  Elsa sees an opening and nails some belly blows that knock Merry back.  She FLOORS Merry with a stunner and crawls over to her, applying a tight sleeper that slowly knocks Merry out! Elsa goes for the pin and nearly gets the win…with Merry barely able to make the kick out. Furious, Elsa pounds Merry’s belly against the wall and goes for her favorite finisher: the stalling NECKBREAKER!  Elsa goes for an exhausted pin but Merry’s arm lifts up at the very last second.  Elsa has rage in her eyes as she grabs a chair and goes for a dirty play.  She swings it at Merry’s head but Merry ducks and kicks Elsa in the abs causing her to drop the chair. Merry grabs the weapon and slams it into Elsa’s face, knocking her flat to the mats.  We see Elsa’s arms and legs move a bit, and we notice she’s not all the way out.  Desperate, Merry walks over, apologizes for having to go to the brutal route, and slams the chair directly onto Elsa’s face!  Elsa’s body convulses and goes still as a tired Merry drops for a final…and successful pin.

The big thing about this one is supposed to be the thong leotards and as much as I do love these new, sexy outfits and Merry and Elsa do look super fantastic in them, but if they were just dressed in these nice outfits and didn’t put on a good show, this wouldn’t be such a nice video. Lucky, they deliver an awesome show, both girls selling everything excellently. This is really just a good match, no matter what they were wearing. I really love both these girls, they are two of my favorite newcomers, although I don’t think I can call Merry a new comer any more. We get great, believable back and forth action, with both of them suffering through submissions KOs and failed pin attempts. Merry gives us some great eyerolling and a little twitching. Then it gets topped off with some nice chair action that leaves Elsa out cold and twitching. This match could have gone either way and I would have been happy, because these girls brought their A game. The thong outfits are awesome and coupled with some great wrestling action, we get a winner with this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10