Review of Back Alley Brawl

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubBack Alley Brawl – 31 mins

Amazon Annie and Cali Logan walk in, and is one girl clearly having more fun than the other… Cali is upset that Annie danced and flirted with her boyfriend all night!! But Annie defends herself by saying she flirted with all the humans there! Cali calls Annie a slut and gets up in Annie’s face, then pushes her! Its about to go down! After Cali throws out a few trashy names, Annie takes matters into her own hands! POW! Annie sucker punches Cali right in the stomach! They’re both in their sexiest dancing clothes and temperaments are rising with their skirts! Another blow to Cali’s stomach… boy, she should’ve had made Annie angry. Cali tries to punch Annie back, but Annie literally just picks her up like a toy and throws her down by the hair like a doll. Next, Annie takes Cali by the throat and repeatedly slams her against the wall! How is Cali going to get out of this while being so dazed and confused?? Annie brings a grueling beat down so hard Cali’s little mini skirt starts rising to reveal little leopard panties. But it looks like Annie is the real queen cat around here. After a countless number of blows, Cali can barely stand, has a runny nose, and probably a lot more than just a little black eye… “Go to school and learn how to fight!” Amazon Annie mercilessly taunts Cali, beating her to a pulp in the process. Annie has full dominate control for this back alley brawl! Annie thinks that Cali’s boyfriend is actually a “chubby chaser” and that’s why he loved Annie’s attention. Annie taunts Cali for being too skinny for him then she punches Cali so hard she spins around dazed. How could Cali ever make it out alive? Will she be wearing any clothes by the end?

Before I get into how much I loved watching Cali get beaten to a pulp, I first have to talk about how hard Annie had me laughing during the setup of this video. Annie shows off a few of her dance moves trying to explain to Cali that she was just having a good time and I laughed my ass off. Great stuff. Moving on, sometimes you got love when Cali just doesn’t use her eyes before she picks a fight with someone. Annie is easily twice the size of Cali, but here’s Cali getting up in her face and calling her names. There was a moment here where Cali may have realized her mistake, but it was just a bit too late. What follows is a completely one sided fisticuffs battle, that leaves Cali broken, bruised, bloody and unconscious on the floor. Most of the time I like to take a pretty hard pass on fake blood, but Cali’s got it down to a science so it doesn’t just get all messy and all over the place. The bruises look pretty good though. Honestly, I’d say more bruises less blood, but still it didn’t really bother me here. I really like that Cali’s exhaustion and punch drunkenness settles in pretty quickly, so Cali’s done well before Annie is finished with her. Cali does throw a punch or two, but they literally have no effect on Annie. I love that Cali gets most of her clothes stolen off her body, leaving her in just her panties, but her heels stayed on almost to the end. I think Cali is one of the few girls that I see getting her ass kicked in heels and I love it every time. I do kind of wish this one ended with a big punch KO, like you would expect, but I still got a KO ending, so I’m not going to complain too much about how the fight ended. I’m just really glad it didn’t end with Cali curled up in a ball in the corner crying. I would have been disappointed had that been the case. Overall, I love mismatches, squash matches, when someone picks a fight they obviously can’t win and I’m always down for a little fisticuffs, as long as the fake blood doesn’t get crazy, so this one was a great watch and I hope Cali calls up Annie for a rematch. Maybe Cali should challenge her to a dance off.

Overall Score: 9.5/10