Review of Babysitter Games

Review of Kayla ObeyBabysitter Games – 9 mins

Do you remember when I was hired to be your babysitter? When I showed up to your house you were running around with your toy g, pretending to get me. So I played along and played dea4 for you. Well, I was thinking…since you’re feeling kinda down right now, that maybe we could. Play that game again? And that it might cheer you up! Okay, let’s play.” Kayla shouts playful banter at you as you play a pretend sh00t0ut. Each time she gets hit 7 times in the chest and twice in the belly. One she loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and has to get herself in the chest. She says her last words, falls down and plays dea4 before she smiles and climbs back up to play again. She even breaks out one of your favorite outfits, her Supergirl costume, just to cheer you up!

Again it seems the fan favorite thing to do is gun down Kayla. The last one was really sexy this on is much more light hearted and playful, but both still focus on taking down Kayla. Of course Kayla plays her role perfectly, she super cute and playful, while she hopping backing and forth trying to avoid your shots and shot back and of course as we’ve seen before, she’s excellent as the bullets hit her chest and belly and she overdramatically goes down. We get good looks at Kayla laid out this time. The Supergirl outfit is a really cool surprise, which I hope we get to see her get lots of use out of. I could think of several cool things we could see from Super Kayla and I can only hope that we get to see a few of those simply obvious things soon.

Overall Score: 9/10