Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 22 – 46 mins

Newbie Kayla Obey is being prepped for her upcoming match with Tiny in a brief interview with Sleeperkid when she makes the mistake of calling SKW wrestling “fake”. An incredulous Sleeperkid decides to get a little practice in before the match, showing Kayla the dreaded Sleeper hold.  Kayla goes from mocking to gasping as he cinches the hold in, eyes rolling as her tongue flops, trying to catch her breath.  Turns out things aren’t as fake as she thought as she fades out, convulsing before being thrown over Sleeperkid’s shoulder left on the bed twitching.  Her workout clothes are swapped for a tiny thong bikini, and then she’s OTS carried down to the mat room.  Dumped unceremoniously on the mat, she’s posed into the Darri-Air position, het butt high in the air as Sleeperkid leaves a note on her backside, as Tiny’s gift from Canada. The giant enters soon after, reading his note as he surveys his “meal”.  It’s Ragdoll time as Tiny picks her up easily, slapping his own Sleeper hold on the catatonic combatant, making her twitch and gasp, drool spilling from her lips as he towers over her before dropping her back down to the mat.  Still spasming, “Not Sparrow” is hauled up high in the air for a series of huge Body Slams, Tiny pausing to enjoy a little limp play as Kayla continues to flop and twitch, her eyes rolled into the back of her head.  Tiny then lifts her into a Torture Rack, bending her brutally, and then drops her back to the mat to apply the dreaded Claw.  Kayla is completely defenseless as Tiny picks her apart with Choke Holds, Choke Slams, Belly Splashes, 10 Count Pins, before he rouses her to find out who she is. Kayla manages to stand an utter her name, although barely conscious. Tiny remembers Kayla Obey from her audition video, where she made statement challenging Tiny. Tiny welcomes Kayla to SKW and with a big kick to her belly he gets right back to the beat down. He picks her up and delivers a thunderous piledriver, letting Kayla dangle in the air. With Atomic Drops, Power Bombs, Stunners, and Bearhugs, and of course a final Tiny Special, Tiny truly savors his food. SK and Jackie return to witness the aftermath and clean up after Tiny. Jackie enters first with SK in tow, she goes right to Kayla, who is still twitching. Jackie pulls her phone out and begins taking some selfies with her ragdoll. Jacquelyn has some a little fun playing with Kayla’s limp body before deciding to put Kayla to bed. Jackie OTS carries Kayla out of the mat room and back to the bedroom. Back in the bedroom, Jacquelyn lays Kayla on the bed, removing her boots and laying her down in the bed making sure she’s comfortable. Jackie tucks Kayla under the blankets and gives Kayla a little kiss goodnight on the forehead and leaves. Kayla still twitches tucked comfortably in bed, to hopeful recover by morning.

I had way more time than I thought I would to think about what I’m going to say in this review, as other life obstacles have kept me from posting a review for much longer then I’d like, which means this is going probably go really long, so I apologize in advance for my long winded nature and for taking so long to finally post this. Nonetheless, the time is now and I can finally write about this literal bucket list custom I got from SKW. So anyone that’s been around here for a while knows that I love Kayla Obey and have been a fan of hers for many years now, so when I found out that she was coming to SKW I didn’t hesitate to throw all my money at SK to make sure I got custom with Kayla. I wanted this custom to be something special, so I wrote a big long intro scene, a big long ragdoll match and a big long outro and sent to SK who pretty quickly replied with “ahh… No”, only because it probably would have taken the entire weekend to shoot and would have had a 3-and-a-half-hour runtime, which would have been amazing, but eventually I got it whittled down to about an hour and SK took it with a quiet sigh of annoyance, trimmed the fat and produced what I think is my favorite 1 on 1 ragdoll squash to date. I do say the best 1 on 1 because vids like “Tiny VS The Tiniest 2”, are just on another level for me, as you know I always say 2 jobbers are better than 1 and that’s basically what I mean. He did a good job of keeping the overall story intact. The intro gets the point across that Kayla was coming in taking everything lightly, when the evil duo of SK and Miss Velvets decide to KO Kayla, making sure she’s ragdoll status before pretty much feeding her to the monster Tiny. Oh and I loved that Kayla wore what I’ve had her wear in pretty much every one of the customs she done for me, which is a sports bra, yoga shorts and her Converse. I didn’t put that in the script, they just did it, perfect. The match of course is just a huge OTT ragdoll squash, like I always do and I got to hand it to Kayla for being cool with all those power moves on her first visit. Then in the end, the evil duo returns to see the aftermath, poke some fun at Kayla with selfies and limp play, but eventually scrape the poor thing off the mats a put her to bed. Which, by the way, was an amazing idea. I loved seeing the limp Kayla carried away, put in bed, boots removed and tucked in for a night’s rest, all while still twitching from her incredible beatdown. But as was saying as far as any one vs Tiny, I think Kayla has done the best yet. Now I will admit, that I could be a bit bias on this one as I have wanted to see Kayla at SKW for years and her vs Tiny was a dream opportunity come true, but in the same breath Kayla went all out selling in this one. First and foremost, she was twitching from beginning to end, almost completely nonstop the entire way, twitching in situations many others have not, like while being dragged or while Tiny is just trying to hold her up on her feet, she continued to twitch through it all. Her twitching was kind of rhythmic, which at times was like she was trying to do the worm. Leave it to Kayla to somehow make her own dance out of twitching. Then there was lots of drooling scenes and even better her laying in her own pools of drool, so when Tiny would pick her up, the whole side of her face is wet and dripping. There was plenty of tongue protrusion and lots of eye rolling, including while was down on the mats, her eye continued rolling around in her head. And, she was probably the limpest ragdoll I’ve ever seen, with dangling limbs everywhere and Tiny need no help to moving Kayla around, so she would just hang limp for just about every move. Another thing, that I didn’t really like at first, but have since being able to watch this so many time I have become ok with is, Tiny is pretty quiet in this one, not completely, he still gets a few verbal jabs in, just not with the over the top battle cries, crazy evil laugher and trash talking that you would expect. And as I said I didn’t like it at first because Tiny’s commentary adds a lot to the videos for me, but I did start to notice just how much moaning and gasping Kayla is doing throughout this video. I don’t know how much of that Tiny would have covered up if he was his normal loud self, but him being kind of verbally sedated, gave Kayla even more of the center stage, so therefore turned out to be a good thing. So, I definitely want to get her back and doing more ragdolling with SKW, because when she’s got a helping hand, she is easily one of the best ragdoll in recent memory. I feel that I should have been surprised by that, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen Kayla play limp I guess I just kind of forgot how good she it at it. Overall, SKW has done it again, I set a high expectation and they find a way to surpass it. Kayla Obey is amazing, just like I knew should would be, but I was still impressed with just how many things she did here for the first time and look like a pro. Kayla, is coming back to SKW in April and you better believe I’ll be ordering another custom, but I have no idea what I’ll have in store for her next time, going to be hard to be better than this.

Overall Score: 11/10