Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 21 – 42 mins

Sparrow is in a spot of trouble for going off-script in a recent bout with Jacquelyn Velvets, having put the bodacious blonde in the hospital without showing any remorse.  Claiming to be better than just some little jobber, she mouths off as Tiny sneaks up behind her.  Still trash talking, she is suddenly shoved into the behemoth’s grip, and the punishment begins. Tiny immediately slaps her into a dominating Sleeper Hold, dwarfing his tiny victim, making Sparrow pass out in eye-rolling fashion until she’s limp in his arms.  After being laid out on the mat, Sparrow is given a moment to come around and apologize for her actions, but this gets a thumbs-down.  She tries to escape but Tiny catches her by her pigtails and yanks her up into his patented Mile-High Wall Choke, lifting her high into the air. Sparrow gasps and struggles, her eyes crossing while she dangles in Tiny’s massive hands, slowly going limp until she’s tossed down to the mat. Tiny grabs a collar and leash for the hapless heroine, dragging her semi-conscious into crawling around the mat-space before using it to choke her out. Once again Sparrow finds herself gasping, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as the chain tightens. Tiny takes some time to enjoy some limp-play, making his “puppy” roll over… and over and over.  Sparrow is completely crushed as the punishment continues at Tiny’s hands, pulling her up into a danglingly high Million Dollar Dream.  Sparrow will discover it never pays to cross the boss!

Another Sparrow ragdoll video is upon us and for any of you that know me at all don’t really need to read any of this as I might get a little long winded here. Just the words “Sparrow” and “ragdoll” should be enough to know that I’m going to love it. Even a few of you expecting me to admit that this is another one of my customs, which I can’t blame you for thinking, but it’s not. However, I did get another Sparrow ragdoll custom on the same day this video was shot. And those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter will have seen some previews from that video. But, we’re not here to talk about that video, we have gathered here today to talk about this video. So first things first, the intro of this video is excellent. It’s super rare that we get to see the awesome smug side of Sparrow, I personally take a lot of blame for this, never really giving her to opportunity to talk, much less be smug about anything, but she’s great at being cocky and smug, talking about how she’s tired of always playing the jobber and decided to take her frustrations out on Jacquelyn Velvets, jumping of the script and brutalizing Jacquelyn (in a video that doesn’t exist, but I’m strongly thinking about making it a reality.). Now, SK is here to force an apology out of Sparrow, one way or another. Of course, Sparrow is unsympathetic for her actions and forces SK to use his “Tiny” back up plan. The beat down progresses nicely, as Sparrow isn’t instantly rendered in to a ragdoll, but KO’d a few times first. Tiny takes he sweet time, never rushing to or through any of the moves or holds, making the video have a slower pace than normal. Sparrow sells this one just a touch OTT with a good amount of tongue protrusion, some twitching near the end and just one rather great drooling part. SK mocks Sparrow the whole time, encouraging Tiny and basking in the glory of revenge for his brutalized wife. I will say that it was almost weird to see Sparrow not twitching like she’s being electrocuted the whole time and drooling like a broken faucet, as I’m used to seeing, not that this was a bad thing. I just had to adjust my expected reactions, because this wasn’t my custom and in the end Sparrow sold it excellently. I did like the slow pacing really gave you the time to enjoy just how limp and out cold Sparrow was for all of this. And most of all I love how the ending got more brutal, bringing in some twitching and drooling into the mix. The actual lack of reaction was the big point of this and seeing Sparrow “no sell” some moves and holds was amazing. Like the head slams into the chair, with Sparrow not only no reacting at all to the impact, but also not even lifting a hand to sell her head bouncing off the chair, instead actually letting Tiny bounce her head off that chair was incredible. Overall, I just love Sparrow, she’s my favorite jobber and watching her get ragdolled by Tiny or anyone else for that matter will always be my favorite thing to see, super OTT or not I’ll always love it.

Overall Score: 10/10