Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 20 – 40 mins

An epic 40 minute SQUASH!!!! We fade in on Anne-Marie preening and posing in front of SK’s camera when she’s suddenly interrupted by 6’9 Tiny, who’s infuriated at the fact that his beloved SKW mat room’s being used for a silly photo shoot.  Sleeperkid seems to be in on it, as he suggests a re-match between the two… something that Anne-Marie vehemently opposes.  Not that it matters.  SK announces the match and Tiny traps Anne by the hair.  He threatens a KO punch but decides not to go that route, only to send Anne flying with a sudden uppercut anyway!  This sparks an epic 40 minute beatdown that leads to a limp and barely conscious Anne-Marie being used as a practice dummy by the evil giant.  Her body is completely limp for most of this match, leading to some amazing displays of power and cruelty from the vicious Tiny.

Another ragdoll video starring Anne-Marie? I could literally stop this review right here, because you all know that Anne is a top favorite of mine, if not my #1 favorite jobber of all time and ragdolls are my favorite type of match on the planet. So there’s nothing shocking that I’ll have to say here. I am really happy that is video kind of broke the mold for this custom writer, as normally this would have at least started with Anne in jeans, maybe a t-shirt and barefoot, which wouldn’t have such been a bad thing, but I just love the shiny bikini and boots so much more. Also, they mention this is a re-match between Tiny and Anne, which gives me the free opportunity to plug my custom “BABYFACE RAGDOLL 16” which was the first meeting of Tiny and Anne and a crazy over the top ragdoll video, like you would expect from me. This one is a lot less over the top then mine was, which I think is a good thing, my customs are way over the top and crazy, while this still keeps the over the top reactions, but in a toned down fashion. So, you still get twitching, tongue protrusion, drooling, and eye crossing, just not so much of it, although I think there was more tongue protrusion in this one then was in mine and that full nelson  drooling scene was incredible. As always Anne sold the hell out of this, she’s not one of the best for no reason. And the moves Tiny used were awesome, plain and simple. There was a few times that Anne comes to and for all the times that I can think of Tiny did or said something to Anne-Marie that made me laugh out loud. He has become such a great character in addition to the unmatched powerhouse that he started as, a combination that easily makes him the best heel in the business. So even though this is Anne Vs Tiny ragdoll part two, this brilliant custom writer and I are similar, but different enough that this was nowhere near the same video, but still so freaking amazing and it would be a shame to miss out on either one.

Overall Score: 10/10