Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 19 – 36 mins

ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE MIXED SQUASH JOBS SKW HAS EVER WITNESSED!!!! The lovely Monroe stands on the SKW mats as 6’9 TINY walks around her, sniffing her hair and grunting.  She looks nervous about her match but Tiny suddenly offers her a “free shot”.  Monroe capitalizes on this, going for a low blow… only to hear a metallic clang (WTF??) as her attack does absolutely nothing.  Panicked, Monroe tries to run away but the masked giant grabs her by the hair and pushes her against the wall, lifting her over his head by her THROAT!  Monroe slowly chokes into unconsciousness as Tiny prepares for an all-night slaughter.  He ragdolls her a bit and then delivers TWO back to back DDT KOs before tying a leash and collar around her neck.  He walks the poor jobber girl around the mats and then chokes her out with the chain and leash.  At this point, Monroe is COMPLETELY out, and can barely react to the myriad of punishments Tiny has to offer.

Another addition to my all-time favorite series ever and this one stars the rising star, Monroe, who does an absolutely incredible job being ragdolled by the monster Tiny. I literally try to prove SK wrong every time he says things like “one of the most intense mixed squash jobs SKW has ever witnessed”, but this time I just can’t. Some of the moves in this have never been seen, to this extent, before, and they are definitely jaw dropping. Just the first throat lift at the beginning of this video gives you a great idea of how crazy some of these moves are. Also the way Monroe stays as limp as possible, yet still giving us some reactions was truly incredible. She doesn’t twitch much, mostly just her hands and arms twitch, but she does the limpest piledrivers during The Tiny Special that I have ever seen, truly completely limp piledrivers and the reactions that she does give are so spot on, she really sells the whole unconscious ragdoll thing amazingly. So, even though I would save THE MOST intense squash/ragdolls for one of my own, there is no way I can’t agree that this is one of the most intense squashes ever.

Overall Score: 10/10  

  • Hey there, BN. Thanks for another great review of my custom with SK. I agree they really nailed it. Tiny is getting meaner and the jobbers are getting limper. Hope to do another soon. The question is always “who’s next”? Slugga

    • I’m with you man, I’ve already put in my next one… and I’m going back to the ol’ fav, with an additional victim as well. But after this, i truly need to move on, because there are so many girls to still see ragdolled. I was thinking (for me, but could be for you as well) Alisa, Sumiko, Eve, Eden, Jessie Belle, Cynder (really focusing on her eyerolling if i do) & Cassie Moxy. I wouldn’t mind doing another with Anne-Marie either.

      So who do you think is next?

      • Alisa, Sumiko, Eve, Eden, Jessie Belle, Cynder, Cassie Moxy, Anne-Marie… All delicious ladies. But… I think Tiny wants to taste something new, a “virgin” (I mean still untouched by Tiny). What about a tall, pale, ellegant blond virgin? Ela Darling…

        But Eve also would be great, her long legs swinging around, relaxed and wide open, her big eyes whited, her bulky lips half open, ejaculating as Tiny crush her waist…

        But don forget about Andie Lopez as well. Another virgin offering to the sacrifice. But she must shave that hairy pussy, at least. That hair is disgusting.

        • I believe you mean Andie Perez, but yes she would be good too, Also Alisa, Eve, Eden and Cassie have never met Tiny yet and Ela would be amazing if she would come back to SKW i’d love to see that happen.

          • Why in the world I wrote “Lopez”, instead of “Perez”?!!! 😮

          • ahh, seems like an easy mistake in my head. I actually read it and had to thing about if a minute. So i could see me doing the same thing… Andie “enter short Hispanic sounding last name ending with a z here”… yea, i could see me doing that.

  • all great choices for sure. a lot depends on availability at the time I’m ready to order. and sometimes a visitor comes along who must meet her fate.

    I like to do “virgins” as well. if I repeat anyone, I’d have to say sumiko or bambi right now.

    I’m not married to Tiny as the heel either. Sapphire and Takaji would do just fine for me.

    thanks for the inuput!

    • You know what, you bring up a strong point, although i am a little more “married” to the idea of Tiny as the heel, i do think Takaiji has definitely proven herself worthy and has never been at the “helm” of a ragdoll vid yet, although she came close with Sumiko and Sparrow. So i would love to see Takaiji as the heel in the next one. As i said my next one is locked in already, but after that, don’t be shocked it i totally steal Takaiji for the heel role.

      My biggest question for you still remains, who is at the top of your list? As at this point we’re kind of tag teaming this series and with me being done with the Sparrow ones (after this, and for now), it is of great importance to me that we don’t pick the same girl next.

  • I hear ya.

    Out of the “virgins”…my top choices are Jackie, Alysa, Eden, Anne Marie, Katja (I didn’t write the one that is out there now), Lucy, Andie, Austyn Madison. I don’t think Jackie will happen b/c I don’t think she can take high impact moves due to injury (but I will check). Katja hasn’t been available the last 2 times I asked. I don’t think Andie and Austyn are local, even though the site says they are. So maybe Lucy, Eden, or Anne Marie???? If I am right about the other 4. Cassie looks awesome but I haven’t seen her in action. Is she ready for Tiny??? I’d say she is a longshot.

    If I were to repeat, it would be Bambi or Sumiko most likely.

    A visitor can always be announced that changes everything.

    This week, I will probably send SK some scenarios and ask him which one can happen first. That is always a factor, too.

    You will be the first to know the final decision, my friend.

    What is your project? Sounds like Sparrow again. She is awesome!!! Loved our last one especially.

    • yea definitely let me know, i think you are right about most of the girls, but i do think Andie is local, not sure though. Out of those, for you, I’d pick Eden Lucy or Anne and Sumiko for the repeat, it’s been a while.

      My next custom is Tiny vs Luna and Sparrow, so Tiny vs The Tiniest 2, but much more over the top then before and of course with plenty of ragdoll action as it picks up right where Sparrow vs The Machine left off and it joins a bunch of the Sparrow/Luna/Tiny vids together showing what’s happened since the original Tiny vs The Tiniest vid. It’ll be quite the amazing vid and I can’t wait to see it.

      After that idk who’s next. Maybe Eden, or Cynder or Miriya. Time will tell.

  • Greatness! haha

    Cutie sold amazingly well and you know I love anything in jeans haha.