Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 19 – 36 mins

ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE MIXED SQUASH JOBS SKW HAS EVER WITNESSED!!!! The lovely Monroe stands on the SKW mats as 6’9 TINY walks around her, sniffing her hair and grunting.  She looks nervous about her match but Tiny suddenly offers her a “free shot”.  Monroe capitalizes on this, going for a low blow… only to hear a metallic clang (WTF??) as her attack does absolutely nothing.  Panicked, Monroe tries to run away but the masked giant grabs her by the hair and pushes her against the wall, lifting her over his head by her THROAT!  Monroe slowly chokes into unconsciousness as Tiny prepares for an all-night slaughter.  He ragdolls her a bit and then delivers TWO back to back DDT KOs before tying a leash and collar around her neck.  He walks the poor jobber girl around the mats and then chokes her out with the chain and leash.  At this point, Monroe is COMPLETELY out, and can barely react to the myriad of punishments Tiny has to offer.

Another addition to my all-time favorite series ever and this one stars the rising star, Monroe, who does an absolutely incredible job being ragdolled by the monster Tiny. I literally try to prove SK wrong every time he says things like “one of the most intense mixed squash jobs SKW has ever witnessed”, but this time I just can’t. Some of the moves in this have never been seen, to this extent, before, and they are definitely jaw dropping. Just the first throat lift at the beginning of this video gives you a great idea of how crazy some of these moves are. Also the way Monroe stays as limp as possible, yet still giving us some reactions was truly incredible. She doesn’t twitch much, mostly just her hands and arms twitch, but she does the limpest piledrivers during The Tiny Special that I have ever seen, truly completely limp piledrivers and the reactions that she does give are so spot on, she really sells the whole unconscious ragdoll thing amazingly. So, even though I would save THE MOST intense squash/ragdolls for one of my own, there is no way I can’t agree that this is one of the most intense squashes ever.

Overall Score: 10/10