Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 18 – 35 Mins

We fade in on the adorable Bambi Buttons making an open challenge to 6’9 Tiny, much to SK’s confusion.  The giant seems to be more concerned with how shiny the SKW championship belt is, however…until he finally decides to put it down on the mats and use it as a destination for Bambi’s skull via a BRUTAL DDT!  Thus begins one HELL of a destruction, with Tiny wearing Bambi down until she’s completely unconscious and limp throughout a wide variety of attacks and knockout tactics.

Another Tiny vid, another Ragdoll, this time starring Bambi and with a little bit of everything mixed in. For once someone actually challenges Tiny and doesn’t get sneak attacked, sort of. Still starts out with a quick surprise brutal KO, a DDT on the title belt, after tiny is told to put the belt down. It’s a funny start and a good kick off to the incoming destruction. Again, I got to hand it to Tiny for not just doing all the goofy stuff we ask of him, but doing it very well. Bambi’s plans of running circles around the big guy go right out the window after the first KO. She not instantly a ragdoll, but isn’t putting up any resistance as she gets KO’d a few more times. We get some very good reactions, some big exhales from impacts, goofy rolling and crossing eyes and of course she makes a great ragdoll once she out cold. Bambi does wake up a few times, only to be KO’s again, of course and shows a few signs of life while she’s being ragdolled as well. All the big moves the Tiny has made famous are there in strides. Tiny also writes on her belly with a marker, twice, just for some added humor and humiliation and we do get some over the top reactions as well, but nowhere near as crazy as my customs were, like if my customs are a 10 on the “over the top meter” this one is like a 3 on that scale. Overall this is another awesome ragdoll, I love Tiny’s trash talk, the way he interacts with SK and of course all the big power moves. I love the great mixture in the action, power moves, submission, weapons, even just a few punches in the face for good measure, all came together very well. Bambi is flawless, I love the yoga pants, her big beautiful eyes and the way she reacts to a lot of the moves. And of course it’s a ragdoll, my favorite thing of all things. Another one for the favorites list and hopefully one day I’ll have Bambi star in one of mine.

Overall Score: 10/10

  • I don’t like those pants… No cameltoe… But Bambi’s body is so hot, that she makes the pants look great. Tiny is an unmerciful beast which demolish and ruin the girls so furiously that it seems he is going to rip even their clothes in the process! And I eagerly awaited to see him removing, at some point, those pants and revealing a delicious white string thong… No way!

    Notwithstanding, Bambi will be Bambi and she will make us salivate as we look to her “KO orgasmic faces”. When Tiny hang her by the hair she looks sexy as hell! What a sweet butt she have! When that gluteal spheares slowly swings as Tiny destroys her! Sublime! Her fantastic legs wide open in this and in this scenes makes this movie very pleasant to see!

    • i feel like your a pornographic English professor, with a British accent, in the midst of a lecture to your students.

  • DV

    Wow, what a cutie. Love those big eyes. She sold great – nice expressions, more realistic twitching. I definitely liked how part of the attack was focused on humiliating her (pulling her hair, ripping her top off to choke her with it, writing on her, etc.) as well as causing her pain.

    Some good wrestling psychology too, with some of the holds, like the guillotine choke and the full nelson, helping to soften up her neck for the triple tombstone (although, really, I think any one of those moves would have been more than enough to finish her off on its own!).

    Looking forward to seeing this girl get destroyed many times more!

    • Bambi is so good, definitely need to see her in more roles like this.

    • Yeah, Bambi has amazing eyes!Always love her expressions.

      And this is lite on tongue & drool, too!

  • Actually disagree the pants made it for me! love them ass looks amazing in them as well. Bambi is also a cutie love the pig tails!

    • I’m with you. i loved the yoga paints because dat ass does looks so good in them. camel toe is nice and all but not a make or break for an outfit.

  • Just bought this. Good lord, I’ve seen one-sided beatdowns, but that was almost uncomfortable to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every single nanosecond of it, but man … poor girl.
    This was my introduction to Bambi Buttons, but I’m already a HUGE fan. While I agree with a previous poster about the long pants (I prefer to see legs and feet), but once the action started, that didn’t matter at all.
    She’s absolutely gorgeous, and has a much more girl-next-door look than some of the models on Sleeperkid’s site. And she sells the HELL out of the beatdown. And she has, without a doubt, the most realistic drooling in the chokeout scenes that I’ve seen in any video from any company.
    This hits on a lot of my favorite things — I adore the “holding up the unconscious victim by the hair” moves, the writing on her belly, closeups on the unconscious face.
    Between Bambi’s fantastic performance and the great, and vicious knockout maneuvers (title belt to the face, anyone?), this is just as close to a perfect knockout video as I’ve ever seen. Two thumbs way up. Maybe even three thumbs!

    • you gotta tell me where you got to tell me where you get that 3rd thumb from. lol but i love Bambi, glad you do to now, and glad you enjoyed this video