Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 17 – 36 Mins

sparrowA brutal one-sided RAGDOLL squash featuring SPARROW and THE MACHINE! We fade in on the beautiful Sparrow, out cold and convulsing seemly after the events that took place in BABYFACE RAGDOLL 14.  The Machine wanders in and sees a sign taped to her stomach. It reads simply: “MY PLAYTHING.  DO NOT TOUCH.  -TINY.” Needless to say, The Machine disagrees with the sentiment… and decides to have some fun with Tiny’s victim!   For over 35 minutes, the masked bastard takes Sparrow apart piece by piece… with the young jobber barely/completely unconscious the entire time!   In the end, The Machine puts Sparrow right where he found her… and pins the note back on in hopes that Tiny NEVER finds out!

This should be the last time for a little while that I get to review my own custom, as I don’t have anymore. I ordered this one immediately after seeing my first Sparrow custom, I just wanted more of what I got in the first one and after seeing RIGHT WHERE I FOUND HER, the idea of the jobber being “pre-defeated” stuck with me and made this idea very easy. I tried to mix things up a little bit, adding some submission holds, which loved and will do again, and a lot of foreign objects/weapons, which was absolutely insane/brutal and I have to do more of that in the future. She’s finished off with some power moves, great limp piledrivers, a limp powerbomb and Attitude Adjustment, with some extra chokes mixed in. Sparrow again amazed me with her selling her, I thought she did an extremely impressive job in the video vs Tiny, but in this she did even better. Of course with tons of her wild patented twitching, for a very long time it was literally nonstop, great and consistent tongue protrusion, which I asked for, and a ridiculous amount of drooling, she was just drooling everywhere. When it comes to delivering the over the top stuff, you can’t get better than this. I also got some nice twitchy pins, the best being a one legged matchbook pin, which may be the sexiest pin I’ve ever seen. I really liked The Machine’s trash talk, starting with trying to wake Sparrow, then moving to trying to get her to stop twitching, which provided some good laughs, but I do feel like it kind of caused Sparrow’s twitching to subside a little near the end, but not too severely. This was another outstanding success for me, I love that this starts with Sparrow already in ragdoll state, thanks to Tiny, love the twitchy submissions, the brutal foreign objects, limp power moves and of course all of Sparrow’s over the top selling. So after getting 3 perfect customs, you guys probably wonder which one is my favorite. Well, truthfully, my favorite is whichever one watched last. I just can’t pick one as my absolute favorite. I do know that I can’t wait to order another custom, but this is the last one, for now.

Overall Score: 11/10