Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 16 – 32 Mins

anneWe fade in on the lovely Anne-Marie boasting to SK about what an amazing jobber she is.  She takes PRIDE in it, and tells her fans that she can make ANYONE look convincing as a heel when she wrestles them, even if they aren’t that good… because she IS that damned good!  She challenges TINY to a classic pro style match, implying that her skills as a jobber will convince her fans that whatever happens is REAL… all while 6’9 Tiny sneaks up from behind and attacks! What follows is quite possibly the very BEST ragdoll video we’ve yet to release, with Tiny reducing Anne-Marie into a drooling, quivering, and limp mess.  He devastates her for 30 minutes straight, knocking her out repeatedly and destroying her body with a barrage of power moves and finishers… until all that’s left is a limp body to pin and leave twitching on the mats! (PS: We promise the “alternate ending” will have you rolling with laughter.  No, seriously)

It is that time again, where I am granted with the pleasure of reviewing another of my own customs. I have been raving since the start of this site, even longer really, about how outstanding Anne-Marie is in all her roles, especially jobber roles. So you know it wouldn’t take me long to order a custom with her in a ragdoll squash. Of course I asked for all the things love to see most, lots of twitching, drooling, tongue protrusion, all while being ragdolled by the monster, Tiny. And to no shock to anyone at all, Anne absolutely delivered a flawless performance, as does Tiny for that matter. My favorite thing about Anne’s selling is how much she twitches, it is almost non-stop, for the entire video. She’s not as wild as Sparrow’s twitching, but much more consistent. I really liked the idea of Anne wanting to show off her jobbing skills by submitting herself to Tiny, but the way SK and crew interpreted my script worked out even better I think. Both SK and Tiny mock Anne-Marie the whole time for getting destroyed and “selling” so well, but alternate ending, completely their idea by the way, totally shoves all that mocking back in SK’s face, as all of suddenly Anne hops up and asks how did she did, reiterating that she’s the best jobber at SKW, I absolutely loved that. After my Sparrow custom was such an outrageous success, while waiting for this custom I set my hopes as high as I could and still my expectations were surpassed, not shattered like last time, but still easily much better than I had hoped. It’s hard to explain the feeling of getting everything I want in a custom and more. I cannot wait for the opportunity to make another custom, there’s no other way to that high of waiting and making expectations, then having all come true and more. I love this video just a little bit more than my first custom, which I didn’t think was possible, but somehow has happened. I guess that’s what happens when you commission the best jobber to willingly get squashed for you.

Overall score: 11/10 – a score saved for only those videos that pass my excessive expectations, which for now are only my customs.