Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 15 – 37 Mins

LiaAfter 13 years, LIA LABOWE returns to SKW!!!  Though, this is most likely NOT the return she was expecting.   Lia finds out (via Sumiko the camera girl) that SK can’t make it to their proposed reunion match, but has instead sent another gentleman named Tiny in his stead.  She giggles at the name, assuming SK just wants her to beat some poor little guy up for his fans…and then we see the 6’9 behemoth somehow sneak up behind her.  And all hell breaks loose.  Tiny absolutely destroys his smaller opponent, knocking her out repeatedly until she is pretty much a semi-conscious ragdoll!  Tiny uses his mass and power to throw Lia around like a bag of sand.  All Sumiko can do is watch and occasionally comment on the destruction, as Tiny makes yet another example out of a visiting SKW wrestler!!! This is truly one of the most one-sided matches we’ve ever shot…featuring the baddest dude alive, and one hell of an overmatched (and beautiful) opponent!!!

13 years and Lia Labowe comes back to SKW and is, luckily for us, introduced to Tiny. First of all it doesn’t really need to be said, but nonetheless, 13 years hasn’t aged Lia a bit, she looks just like she did 13 years ago. I do have to say that after my custom, I’m not as bowled over as used to be for these ragdolls, because I want them all to be a crazy over the top as mine. Don’t get me wrong though, this is still easily my favorite series ever and Lia was a fantastic plaything for Tiny. I really like this intro with Lia and Sumiko, where Sumiko gives a little “look behind you” thing and Lia has this “oh shit” moment as she turned to find the 6’9 monster behind her. This time Sumiko plays the role of SK or Jackie and is charge of talking the beast down, which resulted in some great banter, including Sumiko pinky swearing to pay Tiny $2 (or 7 whole quarters, as Tiny puts it), twice what SK paid him, to stop the destruction. And it’s a damn good destruction it was too, 100% one-sided like every ragdoll vid I can think of. Of course there’s tons of ragdolling, a few moments of consciousness for Lia, followed with more ragdolling. A little twitching, drooling tongue protrusion and lots of nice eyerolling. The yoga pants are an awesome change and in my opinion, looks a lot better than the jeans. It’s definitely awesome that we got Lia to do a ragdoll vid for us and she definitely provided us with some very memorable moments.

Overall Score: 10/10