Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 14 – 36 Mins

SparrowANOTHER AMAZING ENTRY IN THIS KILLER SERIES!!! We see Sparrow run into the SKW mat room…terrified.  Turns out Luna told Tiny she and Sparrow wanted a REMATCH…AKA: something Sparrow was NOT aware of.  In the process of explaining this, however, Tiny catches up to the tiny wrestler and proceeds to completely annihilate her!  After a few KOs Sparrow is COMPLETELY out…her body barely reacting to Tiny’s attacks…turning her into the ultimate ragdoll!  A final set of brutal KOs seal the deal for Sparrow, who is left out cold on the mats!

This is a pretty important review for me, as this is my first ever SKW custom. I might go on a bit long talking about the custom process and some other details, so get comfortable, but if you’re short on time, the title alone, plus this being my custom, should give away how I’m going to feel about this one. So, I’ve waited forever, saving my pennies, to get the chance to do my own custom with SKW. I always knew what type of vid I wanted, I just didn’t know who I wanted, because I have a ton of favorite girls or what kind of story I wanted to have, but then the Luna ragdoll came out and pretty much made my mind up for me. Any of you who’ve read my reviews on a regular basis, know I am completely crazy for Sparrow and Luna just mentioning Sparrow and rematch did it for me. So, I put my order in, put my exceptions / hopes up to the sky and waited … When I finally got my video, I was floored. Somehow someway Sparrow, Tiny and SK blew the doors off my expectations, delivering me the craziest, most over the top, ragdoll destruction I have ever seen! Starting out with the intro, that Sparrow acted out perfectly. Then, all the details I love, twitching, eye crossing (in this case), drooling and tongue protrusion were all turned to 11. Sparrow has her tongue hanging out almost the entire video. She twitches so crazy and intensely she literally rolling around on the mats. She also twitches through most of the pins, and a lot of the moves, like all throughout the second Tiny Special, the final pin, victory pose, and Tiny even left her laid out on the mats for, yes, more twitching.  She keeps her eyes wide open so you can easily see how far they cross. I lost count how many times Sparrow drools, which is amazing, but she also does these “fountain” spit takes, where she spits straight up in the air, like a water fountain, covering herself, Tiny, the mats in water, which SK puts in slow motion so you can see where the water goes. And you can’t forget about staying limp, it is a ragdoll after all. Sparrow also does great at staying limp and helpless, besides for the constant twitching, she hangs limp throughout her destruction. Tiny was also incredibly awesome, having so much fun with Sparrow as his plaything, just being as merciless as I’ve ever seen him, funny trash talking and yelling at SK at just the right amount. This amazing ragdoll tops off with 5, count em, 5 different piledrivers on poor, out cold and limp Sparrow, not counting the final Tiny Special. Tiny also actually holds Sparrow in the piledriver position, for a few of them, after delivering the devastating move, letting Sparrow twitch while holding her in place, it’s crazy and I loved it. In the end, these three amazing people couldn’t have made me any more happy with my purchase as the cranked all my favorites to 11. I’ve loved a lot a videos in my day and here on this site, but I have never loved a video as much as this. I think it is safe to say that this is the most ridiculously over the top video every produced by SKW and who better to make a video worthy of that title, then yours truly?

Overall Score: 11/10 … yes I said 11!