Review of Aubrey / Sedatives

Review of DID MoviesAubrey / Sedatives – 17 Mins

DIDAubrey is unconscious & carried in OTS. The creepy masked villain throws Aubrey on the bed. Aubrey wakes up & she’s chloroformed, very expressive eyes & superb eyerolling by Aubrey. Some great close-ups here & there. Sighing, moaning, screaming, struggling by Aubrey during KOs. Lots & lots of amazing limp play & ragdolling through-out this clip. Aubrey’s white leather jacket is removed. When Aubrey regains consciousness again, she receives sleepy gas. Later on, she gets a syringe with sleepy serum in her neck. The last KO is again via chloroform. She’s lifted out of the bed & cradle carried out.

Got a super simple vid here from DID, this is an easy limp play, knockout, repeat type vid. I love Audrey’s outfit, I found myself checking her out her legs and heels almost the whole time. Audrey wakes up periodically and before she can figure out what’s going on she’s KO’d again, using a few different methods. I like her selling, very good struggling and nice eyerolling. The limp play feels a bit light, like he wasn’t doing too much with her and only stripping off her jacket, I looked forward to her waking up so that I can see another fun KO. One other small issue, is this blurry stuff on the edges of the screen, found it a little distracting or annoying, I don’t what to call it, but I didn’t like it. So, my two complaints are small complaints and my no means deal breaking. Audrey is super cute, sells good and wakes up often enough to keep this one entertaining.

Overall Score: 8/10