Review of ATEMI 9

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldATEMI 9 – 20 mins

alisaYet another installment from this amazing series has arrived… with the lovely Sumiko and Alisa Kiss playing rival agents who constantly take each other down and out (with multiple over the shoulder carries thrown in for flavor) via a myriad of different KO techniques!

I think Atemi’s new meaning should be “Sumiko vs Alisa”, as most of the resent entries pits the to beauties against each other, which is not a bad thing mind you. Especially in this one, as Alisa’s outfit is worth the price of admission alone. Add in a great number of KOs, a very different and creative way to use a gas mask to KO your foe and plenty of OTS carries and nice KO positions, there’s really no need to pass on this one. But again, I really got to hand it to this custom guy for the gas mask idea, that was really great and to Alisa for making that outfit pretty much steal the show, in my opinion. Not to mention that the KOs are sold great, the belly punching “atemi” concept is in full effect and the carries and KO positions provide some very great views of both Sumiko and Alisa. Arguably, my favorite Atemi vid yet.

Overall Score: 9.5/10